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Hello Celine Maniacs, it's Shalimar!

Shalimar s Preview ticket Truly what a wonderful night this was. It took me a little longer to find tickets to Celine’s last rehearsal because everyone wanted to attend this event. This event was free and the not so Celine Dion fans were trying to sell tickets from $50.00-$300.00. Before entering the Colosseum I met Franco Dragone and Rene Angelil and took pictures with them. I all most bought my ticket but my dad got me a ticket and my whole family ended up getting in. As I was standing in line someone noticed me from my pictures and articles on www.celinemaniacs.com. This girl came from Germany along with her three other friends, she was asking me how to get tickets and then her friend came behind her with four tickets from Franco Dragone (how wonderful). When I go into the Colosseum I noticed that they were sitting three rows behind me and I asked if they would like to meet after the show, but they had to meet someone. It was nice to finally meet big fans of Celine after attending five times, without really ever getting that kind of emotion.

Celine started the rehearsal out the same way but she did add the song “Love Can Move Mountains.” Celine was very energetic in this song and the audience got out of their seats and started clapping and dancing to the song. Celine hugged and kissed many people throughout the song, she even brought to young girls on stage with her and twirled them around.

At the very end they rolled credits like how they do at the end of a movie and it said "A New Day..., Celine Dion, produced by Franco Dragone, Feeling Productions Rene Angelil....."

Rene Angelil I waited again at the end of the show and I got Rene’s autograph and even asked him where Celine got her overalls. He said he didn’t know, but the shirt was from Chanel. I have to get me one of these, I really like the style of the overalls. No matter how many times I see this show, it never gets old, there is always something you might have missed in the last show, and there is so much going on with the dancers. You just get lost in the moment of watching and fantasizing, it’s truly magnificent.

The Celine Dion Boutique is open and it is filled with many souviners. I even bought a couple of items a poster, post cards, pictures, candle with Celine’s Picture. There is still so much more that I will buy next time I go, the prices aren’t to bad either. The store even has fine jewelry and musical boxes. It is a true Celine's Maniacs Store you won’t know what to do in there.

Poster Poster    check

I Love You, Céline. You are the Star Of the Millennium.
Love, Shalimar

::: THURSDAY'S DRESS REHEARSAL ::: (03/20/2003)
Hello Celine Maniacs, it's Shalimar again!

Shalimar s Preview ticket More News, isn’t this wonderful? I also attended the thursday night show which was called the CBS and third dress rehersal. This show started at 6:20 and ended at 8:45. A nice man gave me tickets to get in. Celine’s number comes up again in my seating arrangement orch 5 seat 505 yes :) . Nice right lol. 3 fives (three is my lucky number), if you notice all my past three tickets contain a three on them wow. See you start to find connections between numbers when you become a Celine's Maniac like I am. Later on I will mention other things that relate to Celine and my number. These are from my past experiences and my Celine Dion encounter at Tarazza, so it is not to bore you, I know we all would like to get to the story of thurseday night right?

Well again this was like wednesday performance, I will not be relisting the songs, just telling you the new things. The difference was that the Colosseum was filled up with a lot more video cameras and photographers than it usually is. Celine towards the end of her performance wore a cute snug fitting overall with a long sleeved white blouse. This outfit was tight therefore allowing Celine to release her overall straps when it would come to a part of the song she felt fit to let it off. It was so cute I was going to ask Celine’s bodyguard or Rene where she got it from. Céline finally told us the title of the Italian song, it's "Ammore Annascunnuto" (Hidden Love)!!! WONDERFUL!!

After the performance I waited in the colosseum because I had seen Rene earlier before the show started and I wanted to see if I could talk to him. He walked back and forth on the stage and when he was alone I waved to him, but he did not wave back. This might have been because he did not see me or just thought I was waving to someone else, I don’t know.

Claude "Mégo" Lemay s autograph Well I waited a little while longer and went up to the stage to talk with a man that works behind the scenes. I asked him if Mego was there? He said, “Who are you?” and one of Celine’s backup singers said, “A friend.” At that moment Mego came out and I asked him if he could resign a picture for me because the pen I had the last time wasn’t working. He signed it for me and I hugged him and he kissed me twice on the cheek (like the true French do). He also asked me how I liked the show...."OF COURSE!!"

I walked out and there was a CELINE DION STORE on my right, it is located right next to the Colossem in front of the new Bradley Ogden restaurant. Before that night the windows to this store were covered with large pictures of Celine’s “A New Day.” This store is amazing, it is an exclusive store just for Celine no other merchandise is in there. Shirts with Celine’s face, books, pictures, sweat pants out fits, shorts, “Celine Dion Perfums,” and much more. I got my copy of Bonus CD that you can receive with any Celine Dion Parfums purchase of $32 or more. Pictures of the Colosseum will come soon!!.

Not for sale Not for sale

NOTE: Shalimar also attended Saturday's preview, her report will come soon!!!

[Bye for now Celine's Maniacs, Shalimar.

SHALIMAR'S "A NEW DAY..." PREVIEW (03/19/2003)
Hello Celine's Maniacs, Shalimar reporting to you from Las Vegas, this will be a shorter report compared to my others, since most of it was a repeat, but still enjoyable experience. I'm talking about Wednesday's dress rehearsals.

Shalimar s ticket Shalimar s ticket When I got to the Colosseum there were belly dancers waiting at the front entrance taking pictures with people. The first person I asked for tickets gave me two and my Mom able to join in this experience with me. We got box seating.

The show started at 8:35. Celine came out and described what was going to take place she said “This is our second dress rehearsal, that you are participating in. We are still testing it out and new performances will be added or removed.

Nature Boy” and “The Power Of Love” Celine wore a red glitter nylon type of outfit. Not tight fitting loose and it easily flowed. Her next words were “I’m so thrilled to have you and feel you, is so unbelievable. “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now,” “Because You Loved Me,” “To Love You More,” “I’m Alive.” In these songs she could not help but where her heels. They were about an inch high and thick, not like her usual designer shoes these are dance shoes. “Seduces Me,” in this song Celine pulls up her shirt showing that they were hot and she enjoyed that experience. Her words were “Thank you Dragone, can I bring that chair back with me in three years, will talk about it later.” “If I Could,” and Celine dedicated it to Rene Charles, at the end Celine says “I Love You Rene Charles very much.” “At Last,” “Fever,” “I Got The World On A String.” In the song “Fever” Celine steps on the backs of the men while the other dancer take her down from the piano. I didn’t notice this last time, but the instruments in “I Got The World On A Sting” light up of and on. Celine wears another nylon Cinderella type of dress, the color was blue with a red ribbon around the waist and red thin high heels to match. “I Surrender” and “A New Day Has Come.” “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” there was a women floating in wedding dress with a 25 foot train, like Celine wore for her wedding. Celine comes out with a red nylon dress and the giraffe is waiting for her, she says it’s her friend “Hashel.” Six more giraffes appear and at the end three pairs make hearts with their necks and one puts a kiss mark on the screen. The Italian song and “Have You Ever Been In Love.” In “Love Can Move Mountains” dancers came around peoples seats and a male dancer came next to me I touched his back and gave him a high five. “I Wish,” “I Drove All Night,” “My Heart Will Go On,” and “What A wonderful World” were the last songs Celine sang.

[That's all...This is Shalimar, reporting from Las Vegas
for Celine's Maniacs Website;
Thank you Shali!!]

SHALIMAR'S "A NEW DAY..." PREVIEW (03/17/2003)
Hello Celine's Maniacs, It’s Shalimar from Las Vegas!! I'm sorry for my delay but here's my report of Monday's preview of "A New Day...:

Preview ticket I arrived at the Colosseum at 7:25p.m. I did not have a ticket again and I asked people for any extra tickets they might have. Fifteen minutes after I arrived I spotted Celine’s bodyguard. I walked up to him and thanked him for calling me that night and told him about the report I gave to the Celine's Maniacs website. He asked me if I needed any tickets and I said yes if you could get me one. He looked at the man standing next to him and said he has them for you. His name was Fenny and he asked who I was. The bodyguard said I was a big fan of Celine’s. Fenny took me into the colosseum along with two other women he knew. The waiting time was fun, the cameras scanned through the audience and they took footage of couples, children, and they even panned on me for a minute. I waved into the cameras and held up my Celine Dion picture for all to see. I took notice to see where I was sitting and I was in the fifth row, Celine’s lucky number. There are two sections of orchestra seating and I was in the farther one from the stage this time, but I found the seats to have a wider view from when I was closer to the stage. Don’t get me wrong from my experience both seats were great. As the cameras continued to scan through the audience the TV screen began to crack, this was a special effect.

Celine entered on stage and told everyone that these are performances that might not be seen again. They were trying things out and from the audiences responses they would see what they would keep. She also mentioned that no costumes were going to be used for that night. Celine opened her act with “Nature Boy,” she was wearing a black suit with a white shirt underneath. Next, came “I’m Alive,” the city life was going on in the TV fast cars raced in opposite directions. (When mentioning TV this is a large screen that takes up the whole back wall of the stage.)

Celine was singing live, for those who wanted to know all signs were shown (Example:When Celine brought the microphone away from her face and it sounded distant like it should.) I Surrender,” when this song started a chandelier came down. Every note was sung perfectly in this song and flames surrounded Celine on the TV. “Have You Ever Been In Love” came next on her list. Celine took a moment after this song to say: "The next three songs I will sing are classics At Last,” “Fever,” and “I Got The World On A String.” In the song “Fever” Celine sings on the piano that Mego plays (Celine’s pianist). Then she stands up and two men carry her off the stairs. Mego snaps his fingers in beat with the music and Celine starts to work it, shaking her little booty :) . The piano they used for this song is part of one of the two large stair cases that are located on the stage. When they are finished with it, it is lowered and is free to be walked on. The song “I Got The World On A String,” they bring out about twenty instruments on cables with people pretending to play them. The instruments are very large and colorful, some include the saxophone, piano, and guitar. Celine joins in with her dancers in a Broadway style of dance, it was really awesome to see Celine dance in such a way.

The introduction to the song “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” plays as the dancers dance and Celine does a quick clothes change. Thunder sounds and the dome of Caesars Palace can be seen on the TV and then Celine appears in black pants and a white shirt. Baby, baby, baby, when you touch me like this... is sung and her voice is so powerful and strong. Next came my favorite song “Because You Loved Me,” a sunset appears and brightens up the dome. The violins started playing, and it was for the song “To Love You More,” clouds roll in on the screen and birds fly in the sky. This was the part I was waiting for which is what Celine calls, flying. She was in the air about a hundred feet by the end of the song “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” Celine was lifted all the way up to the ceiling to where there is a place where she can reenter the stage somehow.

When Celine came back out she found a giraffe waiting for her, this was on the TV. She joked a little with it, saying It’s a little to late to be joining the show..., and the peanuts at the gift shop are really good. It was all really cute and funny. The giraffes disappeared and she sang “A New Day Has Come.” There were different colored smokes that filled in as the background on the TV and female dancers dressed up in peacock feathers moved around the stage. “Seduces Me,” was next and we all know what happens in this scene, men, men, and more men.

There is one in every show it was a song sung in Italian and I am not even able to guess at the title this time. Celine did say it was a song from Neaples, Italy and It’s as passionate as the people there. Italian houses were shown on the screen. After she was finished singing she asked if it made us hungry and she said well I’m hungry. She also said I believe you only find one love in your life. Then she introduced her song “Je T'aime Encore” (I Love You Still). A letter writes on the screen by itself, with no pen about a little boy learning how to play the guitar and he also wants to live in Rome. Celine is constantly and considerately asking her dancers if they are doing all right and touches some of them on their faces every once on a while. “If I Could,” this is where the piano is pushed across the stage in midair by the two men.Love Is All We Need” (Celine’s new song from One Heart). It’s upbeat and all the musicians join on stage playing their instruments and having fun. There are motorized apparatuses that hold the keyboarders and dancers move them around stage with controls they have on there arm rest. "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder. In this song pretend fans run after Celine with cameras and Celine runs off stage. Her next song, another from One Heart, “I Drove All Night.

The media have been talking about a large moon that appears in the show, I am not sure if It’s this one, but it was on TV for “My Heart Will Go On.” The moon is very large when it first appears and it moves throughout the universe. Towards the end the moon is distant and doves start flying toward it and a hundred falling stars fall across the screen. It was very peaceful to hear this song because I have not heard it sung live since 1999, it was really nice. Celine stops to talk again she says “It was a fun night, I thank you very much. Sometimes the world seems like It’s gone bad, but I go to the crib of my baby as he sleeps. There are millions of other little heads in the world and if we give them a chance to grow, the world would be a wonderful place.” She leads into the song of “What A Wonderful World.” They captured moments of older men and still shots of our audience, then at the very end Celine was in a still shot of her present position. Celine had another great performance, everything went well and her voice was strong, powerful and full of emotion. I loved this performance and there is still more to come, It’s amazing to see that Franco dreamed all of this up, he is truly magnificent.

When I left the building I noticed that there were was a board that said you consent to letting CBS air any of the footage that will be taken, this is exactly what it said for the Harpo productions.

[Good Bye for now from Viva Las Vegas Reporter, Shalimar! ---

Dear readers, here is the wonderful story of our reporter in Vegas about yesterday's experience at the Oprah Winfrey's Show. "I had to arrive early at the Colosseum because I had no idea what time it would start, so I was there at 10:30am. I immediately started asking people what, where, when, and, how could I get tickets to the show. Everyone I spoke to said no tickets, but this did not stop me. A guy who worked at the ticket collecting area was a nice guy and was trying to help me out with the tickets and kept me updated on the show times and rules. These tickets were not open to the general public! Just for Caesars Palace employees.

It was about 2 hours into my journey when I saw Celine's bodyguard come out of the Colosseum. I asked him if I could take a picture with him and he asked "why?" I said "you' re a bodyguard right?" He was surprised I wanted his picture, but humbly took it with me. I hugged him in the picture and I was so happy just to see him I squeezed him around the waist, he was really nice.

Later on a boy came up to me and asked if I was waiting for Celine, he was also a fan. We started talking then the bodyguard came back talking on his cell phone, so I waited for him to finish and asked if there was anyway I could see Celine. I offered to stand if there wasn't enough seats but he said he couldn't get me in. I said "everything I see here I'm taking notes and it will be posted on a website (www.celinemaniacs.com) and that I am constantly promoting Celine". He said "give me your number and I will call you to get you tickets for this weeks show". I gave him my number and he asked me "you're the one with the perfume?" and I said "you remember me?" That was really cool. The boy that I had been talking to was bummed out that he did not go up with me when I talked to the bodyguard.

Preview ticket Waiting, waiting, and waiting around and my savior stands right in front of me I asked this lady if she had any extra tickets and she said "yes" and handed me THE TICKET, I gave her a great big hug. I was in after all of that, but you know it's all worth it when it comes to Celine. I got fifth row seating, smack dab in the middle and later found out I was in the same row and about 7 seats away from where Oprah would be sitting.

The show started at 2:15 and Celine started out singing LIVE "The Power Of Love." She wore a very sheer and see through outfit for this song. Her hair is short and it's not as bad as people think she looks good in person. She did a clothes change and later came back with a white shirt and black slacks. Celine moves more like a dancer now and doesn't where high heels or tight fitting clothes. She wears ballet shoes and dances a lot more. She went on to sing "Seduces Me" and she sat in a chair while all these male dancers with no shirts gathered around her trying to touch her, but couldn't because she's just untouchable like that.:) She told jokes after singing that song about how those guys looked good and that women need a chair like that. She dedicated the next song to René Charles! From what I know this song isn't on the new album but my guess of the title would be "If I Could." The dancers in this song came down on wires as little children on swings and a tree came from below the stage and grew. Celine said it takes a lot of water to keep a tree like that alive in a place like Las Vegas. She ended her performance with "I drove All Night". She danced really loosely in this song.

I can't remember what song this happened in, but two male dancers on wires walked across the stage in mid air pushing a piano as if they were on the floor, that was an interesting effect. The interview at the end was short because they said they had more footage from when they followed Celine around. Oprah said she was glad to have the name "women" because Celine is wonderful. Celine was truly touched and almost came to tears from the warm welcome she got from everyone and was truly happy to have been there.

Vocalists The show ended at 4:20 At the very end I met Celine's back up singers and piano player they all signed there autographs for me. They commented on my name and Elise hugged and kissed me on the cheek and said she would see me again. Hopefully this will be true. I did not get to see Celine personally this time, but I got Oprah's autograph!!


Interesting facts:

  • When I entered there were red large padded squares around the entrance to keep the sound clear in the Colosseum.
  • The Colosseum is warm because of the high humidity levels.
  • Two Chrysler Cars were in the waiting room, a Red Pacifica and Silver Sebring Convertible.
  • A large painting of the slogan "Drive and Love" was also in the waiting room.
  • No musicians are seen throughout the show. There are two stair cases that conceal them on the stage, this was made known to us when they shined a light into the stairs.
  • Seats are like those in a theater they rock back and forth and are very comfortable.
  • Celine and Oprah can carry on a conversation with an audience, makeup and hair crew working on them.
Note: Celine's body guard is a man of his word he called my house 10 minutes before 2:00 to tell me he got me tickets into the Oprah show, my roommate told him I was already at the show!

["That's all.... This is Shalimar, Celine's Maniacs' reporter in Vegas!";

Remembering "A New Day..." Press Conference Day

Céline waving gesture at the "A New Day..." press conference in La Louviere Céline announcing her next Vegas show Céline talks about her Vegas show Céline smiles while watching the unveiling of her new show in La Louviere Céline talks talks to reporters during a photocall ahead of a news conference in La Louviere Céline Dion talks to reporters during a photocall ahead of a news conference in La Louviere Céline Dion talks to reporters during a photocall ahead of a news conference in La Louviere Céline is moved watching the unveiling of her new show in  La Louviere Céline is moved watching the unveiling of her new show in La Louviere Céline smiles while watching the unveiling of her new show in La Louviere Céline Céline poses with a group of dancers during a photocall ahead of a news conference in La Louviere Céline Céline poses during a photocall ahead of a news conference in La Louviere
Céline watching the performance of her dancers in La Louviere Céline Dion is moved watching the performance of her dancers in La Louviere Céline Dion is moved watching the performance of her dancers La Louviere Céline is moved watching the performance of her dancers in La Louviere Céline wipes a tear after watching a performance of her dancers in La Louviere Céline poses with a group of dancers during a photocall ahead of a news conference in La Louviere Céline Dion poses with a group of dancers during a photocall ahead of a news conference  in La Louviere Céline Dion dances with dancers of her new show in La Louviere Céline greets reporters in La Louviere
Céline Céline poses with a group of dancers during a photocall ahead of a news conference in La Louviere Céline and Franco Dragone Céline dances with dancers of her next show Céline poses with a group of dancers during a photocall ahead of a news conference in La Louviere Céline talks to photographers during a photocall with Belgian show director Franco Dragone  ahead of a news conference in La Louviere Céline Dion dances in her chair while watching the unveiling of her new show in La Louviere Céline Dion and Franco Dragone in La Louviere Céline in La Louviere Céline in La Louviere Céline smiles while watching the unveiling of her new show in La Louviere

[Pics have been taken from RexFeatures and Yahoo! News]

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