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Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Encore

Hello again!!

Last night I paid more attention to the stage while she was singing PQTME. Céline stands in the middle of the stage, as I said before, and all the dancers stays in both stairs, each one with a different position, as they are standing still.

The lights were yellow and orange, and in the middle of the song (almost at the end), they started showing Céline in the big LED screen, focusing in her face. At the end of the song, you could see that her eyes were full of tears, as she opens her eyes sooo widely.

click here click here Last night (Feb 4th) she was more fun and Céline was more inspired! She kept playing a lot with the audience. On the left you'll see two pictures of the stuffed frog that I bought at Céline store at The Colosseum.

Celine Maniacs Rocks!!!!!

Kisses, Juliana.


Hiiiii Celine's Maniacs!!!

I attended Celine show on February 3 and I'm still here in Las Vegas to see another show!

The show was the same, but when Céline finished the song AMMORE ANNASCUNNUTO , she told the audience, that she was going to sing a french song, by Jean Jaques Goldman, who is an extraordinary artist, and the song is about a person who loves the other one so much, and she was looking for something in return. And then she said to the audience: "most of you know how that feeling is...The song is called 'Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Encore' and it was one of the most important songs in my french career."

And then she starts to sing, and most part of the song, she is standing still, in the middle (front) of the stage, and there was some dancers in the stairs, and the color of the screen was something orange and yellow. After the song, she was "cleaning her eyes" 'cause she drop a few tears. It was soooo emotional!!!

I don't remember much what was going on, 'cause I only kept my eyes on Celine, 'cause I wasn't expecting that song, and this song is one of my favourites! And I was seating in the 1st row, orch 5, and it is a little on the side! So I rather look at her, then to look at the scenario.

I am going again tonight on the show with my parents, and I am going to seat in the middle, 3rd row, so I will have the chance to pay more atention on the whole stage.

I also saw something new on the boutique, a stuffed frog! I bought it, and later I can take a picture of it, and send it to you. The frog's tag says: "during one of Celine's very first performances when she was a young girl, a fan tossed a stuffed frog on stage... she kept it as a souvenir and it became her good luck charm. To this day, Celine has a special affection for these little mascots, and she has chosen this one as her curent favorite."

So I think that's all for today. After the tonight's show, I'll write to you again!

Bye for now, Ju

A New Day… January 16, 2005

I purchased my ticket as a late birthday present to myself and once again I couldn’t find anyone to go with me so I drove myself 3 1/2 hours to Vegas alone. I arrived to Caesars Palace at 4:30pm and immediately headed for the box office to pick up my ticket. With my ticket in hand I wondered over to the Boutique and started my shopping.

There were all kinds of great new things and if I had a little extra money I could have gone wild. Some of the new items included an adorable stuffed animal frog, socks, sandals, slippers, robes, and of course the new show program. While I was shopping I asked with a few of the people working if they had any info on the release date of the DVD. I was told that it MIGHT be released in spring sometime but that has not yet been confirmed. They also said that they doubted if it would actually be released then because since Celine renewed her contract, Sony wanted to wait until it was closer to the end date of the shows run.

After finishing my shopping, grabbing a bite to eat and doing a little gambling it was time to see the show. Once I got in and was ushered to my seat (ORCH4 Row CC Seat 408) it all began to hit me…I was about to be 10 feet away from Celine for the next 90 minutes. The seats were amazing, I couldn’t have asked for anything better, well maybe first row but that will be my goal for next time. While I was seated I was fortunate enough to meet a girl from Portugal that I had talked to on one of the other forums. We talked for a little while and took turns scanning the audience for anyone we might recognize from Celine’s crew. As soon as the camera began to scan the audience I knew it was almost time.

As the lights went down I heard her “A new day ooohhhh”. Than there she was standing in front of me wearing the black dress. Celine looked amazing, so beautiful. Her hair was long and curly and her eyes sparkled in the lights. A New Day Has Come quickly became one of my favorite numbers in the show. It fit perfectly into the program replacing Nature Boy as the opening song. Next were TPOL (always a crowd favorite), IACBTMN, BYLM, IA, SM, IIC, AL, Fever, and IGTWOAS. They were all perfect, every song was just as wonderful as the next. Then came my favorite song of the whole show, I Surrender.

The beautiful pink dress combined with the flames on the LCD screen and the way Celine holds those forever long high notes with such passion made it the highlight of the night, for me anyway. After 'I Surrender' I was disappointed to find out that 'Je T’Aime Encore' was no longer in the show. I always loved that song and I think that Celine actually sounds even better when she sings in French…if that is possible. Celine then changed into the infamous black pants outfit and sang AA, IW, LCMM, and IDAN. The audience was on their feet during LCMM and part of IDAN but despite my wanting to remain standing I sat along with the rest. I don’t think the audience was quite as animated (for lack of a better word) as in the previous times I attended but that didn’t stop me from dancing, singing and even mimicking a few of Celine’s moves…you know the one, hand driving the imaginary steering wheel during IDAN. I would swear at one point Celine saw me and let out a little laugh but I don’t know for sure. After her final wardrobe change into my favorite outfit, the light pinkish-purpley dress with the satin waist, she finished the night with MHWGO and What A Wonderful World. Once again I was slightly disappointed that she didn’t sing 'In Some Small Way ' like I had heard she had been doing but her rendition of WAWW was superb.

After the show I made my way out front with my new friend Monica. Before the show Monica had mentioned that her dreams were to 1. see A New Day, 2. meet Celine (and Rene) and 3. to go around back to Celine’s garage hoping to catch a glimpse of Celine and Rene as the left. Well, seeing how she had just saw the show and short of a miracle there was no way we would be meeting Celine that night, I opted to make dream 3 become a reality. So after changing into more comfortable shoes we headed to the garage. Once we got there we were told by security that we had to wait across the driveway, so we did. About an hour later the gate opened and a silver van pulled out with Rene’s son in the drivers seat. We decided to wait a little longer but by 11:15 p.m. I was starting to get tired and I knew I still had a 3 1/2 hour drive home ahead of me but I suggested that we move down further and see if we could see another car in the garage still. When we moved we saw that there was a black car still inside. A short time later Celine’s bodyguard came out to the car followed by Celine and Rene themselves. We were so excited. We ran back down to where we were standing earlier and as the car began to come out of the gate we started yelling, waving and jumping around trying to get her attention then all of the sudden, I’m not sure if she rolled down the window or if she just turned on a light in the car but we could see straight in the car and she was waving at us!!! My heart felt like it was going to explode I was sooo excited that Celine had actually waved at ME, not at 4000 other people like she does during the show but ME and MONICA only!! Anyway my night with Celine had finally come to an end and I began my drive back home.

As I drove home after just having one of the best days possible, the worst possible thing happened…It was 1:00am and I was about 45 minutes into my trip, half way between State Line and Baker (if you know the area), and one of the tires on my car BLEW-UP!! I was all alone in the middle of the desert where there wasn’t a light to be seen. Needless to say I was in a state of panic. I had never changed a tire before and I didn’t know the first thing to do so I called my dad. Unfortunately it was going to take him 3 hours to get to where I was so we decided that he would talk me through the tire changing process over the phone. Let me just tell you…changing a tire in the cold, dark desert is NOT very fun. Finally after a battle with the jack and then another with the lug nuts, I got it changed. The only problem was that now I was driving home on a doughnut tire and I could only drive 50mph. Approximately 5 hours after I left Las Vegas and Celine I arrived home safe, sound and ready to call ticketmaster to book my next trip.

Hugs, -Stacy

November 26th, 2004 Show

Hi Celine fans from markarian family to all of you!

On Nov 26th we went to see Celine Dion's show in Las Vegas for the fifth time LOL. Me and my wife both love her so much, we also have a 5 year old son, Eric, who he grow up to be a a big fan of her too. He kept asking us 'Dad, mom I want to see her, I want to hugh her, I love her so much' - he loves the dancers too, he dances like them when we play her cds at home.

So finely to cut the long story short... I started to call around and it seemed impossible to meet with her backstage, so we thought the best thing for all of us to do is to find tickets on the very first row so we can be as close as possible to her for more than an hour LOL much better than 5 min backstage with some very nice persons help and connections.

We did get the tickets for that night. We went there, the show began on time. We were sitting there like any other time glareing at her it was amazing, she was so close to us it was like we were on top of the world. But wait it even gets better when she started singing "If I could... I would..." she sat on the steps (OH MY GOD !!) she was right there, face to face, we could not ask for anything more, of course we all waived to her sent kisses. My son was very shy but with my help he waived her hello. It felt like as much as we wanted to see her she was happy to see us too, it was magical.

After the song ended, she told everyone 'I'm sorry I have to do this!... we were thinking OH MY GOD, she comes to my SON asked him "What is your name? How old are you?" He answered her back, his face coverd the whole screen on stage every one was looking at them, she told him "I have a 3 year old son just like you" and told him how cute Eric was. She is amazing, I'm glad we are fans of hers, these days you don't find a lot of people to be on top of the world like her talented and a diva LOOL but still care for everyone of her fans.

We told her we have seen her show four times before she said "Aren't there other showes in Vegas?!?" LMAO!!! It was so funny... I told her "Yes there are, but there are no other Celine dions out there!" She hughed me and kissed me on my cheaks. Heaven! I was in heaven, I could sing "I surrender" to her lol lol

It was an unbelievable night! She was singing and she kept on sending out kisses to Eric. To top it all, when the show ends she usually gives a single red rose to someone. Guess who got it? I guess she and my son just grow their bonds much stronger now after the rose thing. She kissed him and told him "You are so cute!!" and went backstage. Everyone was looking at us like we were stars. People were telling my son "This was a night to remember!", someone told me "Not a bad night you got a smouch from Celine" lol

Thank you fans for reading my story, keep on doing what ever you do for Celine because she is well worth it!

Take Care,

From Celine's new biographer, Jenna Glatzer

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I just returned from my first trip to meet Celine in Vegas. Ahh, Vegas. Thank God I don’t live there or I’d have gambled away all my food money. I loved it there!

My first interview was with Rene. Because of his throat cancer battle, his voice is almost a stage whisper, sort of like The Godfather. He was warm and open and nothing like the power-hungry businessman I imagined he might be. We spoke for more than an hour, and he was a great interviewee who kept me laughing with stories about Celine and their son, Rene-Charles.Then we (my mom, dad, brother, and I) met Celine for a few photos before the show. Wow! She ran into the room apologizing for being late. “I want to blame it on my hair,” she said, “But the truth is I’m always running late!” I was just amazed that she was doing it at all... she had literally five minutes before the show would start, and here she was chatting with my parents and telling her assistant to take photos so we could all be in them. She was beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Next, we went to the show, where we sat two seats away from Tyra Banks. Tyra kept staring at us, wondering why we were getting VIP treatment. That was fun. The show itself was splendid, and I got a kick out of my family’s reaction. My brother kept calling out, “I love you, Celine!” and my parents were wide-eyed and full of excited gasps of, “Have you ever seen anything like this?” None of us had. There are 65 dancers and the world’s largest LED screen adding to the effect of Celine’s magnificent voice, and she never lets up: She’s right in there dancing with them, getting a crazy workout and never missing a note. Immediately my parents began calling all their friends to insist that they had to come see the show.

I interviewed her afterwards and was advised that I’d probably have to cut her off because she could just keep talking. They wanted me to make sure I was respectful of her time limitations and would not let her chat until dawn when she had another show to do the next day. “Yeah, right,” I thought, “Like I’m going to cut off Celine!” But I started to understand when I realized that 25 minutes had gone by and she was still answering my first question. That woman can talk!

Actually, it wasn’t even my full first question. I began with a quotation of hers from years ago and was planning to ask, “Do you still feel that way today?” Instead, before I could, she was already off and running about why she had said it, how she feels about show business, and how she likes picnics. Okay, I’m oversimplifying, but she covered a lot of ground! They didn’t feel like soundbite answers, the canned answers publicists have trained stars to say. It just felt like an engaging and free-flowing conversation. I’ve heard her fans say this before, but I didn’t know I would feel it-- I immediately felt like we were friends. So much so that after we were finished and had already hugged and kissed goodbye, I blew her a kiss on the way out.

It was instinctual, and I immediately scolded myself-- “What are you doing? She’s a world-famous singer who you met a few hours ago and you’re on a kiss-blowing basis?” But wait, my social snafus got worse.

The next day, I was interviewing her brother Michel (who was one of the coolest characters I’ve met in a long time) and he made a comment about liking my shoes. What did I say? “Payless! I got them seven years ago and have glued the heels on twice, but they’re still great, aren’t they?” We Sagittarians are known for our foot-in-the-mouth tendencies. Anthony couldn’t stop laughing. He had specifically told me to buy a nice new pair of shoes before I went to Vegas, but I was too consumed with searching for my missing cat, Kira. I wondered if Michel was going to tell Shoe Aficionado Celine that I was a fashion nightmare now... but if so, he didn’t let on. He just let me hang out and disrupt his work for more than an hour, answering every question I threw his way with a smile and a story, and let me leave him with a CD for Celine to autograph for my brother. (Now Paul’s most prized possession.)

I also spoke with Rene’s son Patrick, possibly the best interviewee of the bunch. His observations were keen and intriguing, and he seemed genuinely amazed that I wanted to interview him at all. I wound up wanting to write a whole book about him.

Before the trip, I had been in close contact with several fan groups to find out what they wanted to know about Celine (please keep on writing me). They loaded me up with questions and I knew the answers I got were just the ones they hoped to hear. I love being the bearer of good news. Along the way, I also got to speak with assistants, bodyguards, and dancers, and Rene introduced me to a seemingly endless staff of stage crew, chefs, and musicians. What struck me the most was just how truly warm and down-to-earth the whole lot of them were. Most of the crew has been together for more than a decade, and you can feel their camaraderie. I smirked as I thought about the instructions other celebrity writers have told me they received-- “Don’t look Actress So-and-So in the eye.” “Don’t ask her about this topic.” “You have ten minutes. A guard will escort you out after your time is up.” There were no such limits here. There was heavy security, mind you, but as long as you were inside, you were treated like family.

Every interview ended with kisses on both cheeks and offers to talk again anytime. Celine asked me to come back to Las Vegas to meet with her again, which is currently up in the air. I’d like to go back once more in the coming weeks, but I have to ensure that travel expenses will be covered for my husband or one of my parents to come with me. I’m just not ready to fly and stay on the Vegas strip alone yet. (And if you were wondering, I loaded up on Dramamine and ginger root and wore Sea-Bands and got through that flight while digging only minor gouges in my mom’s arm, thankyouverymuch!)

Until next time...
Take care, Jenna Glatzer
Editor-in-chief, Absolutewrite
Author of MAKE A REAL LIVING AS A FREELANCE WRITER and many other books.
See Jenna's books at JennaGlatzer.com


Here is my review of "A New Day..." from Wednesday, November 10, 2004: Let me just start by saying...AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Céline is amazingly unbelieveably, posatively, FABULOUS!!!!!

We arrived at the Colosseum about an hour before we could be seated on Wednesday. So we decided to walk around a bit. We took the elevator up to the 2nd balcony level, and we were standing there at the door, and we heard singing! So we asked the security guard that was standing at the door we were by if it was Céline, and he told us that yes, she was doing a sound check, and that was why they had to guard all of the doors more than usual. We stood outside the doors to listen, and she sang A New Day Has Come, Love Can Move Mountains, and a really fast version of What A Wonderful World, she was probably playing around with the band, because she was singing it like "what a wonderful world baby, what a wonderful world", you know, like she did with Let's Talk About Love on the recording session DVD. So it was amazing for me that I got to hear her do a sound check!

Also, they changed Nature Boy to A New Day Has Come, and Wednesday was the first night she was singing it, so that was cool!

When we were seated, they were doing close ups of all the people in their seats, and we were on the screen once. Also, there was this lady on her cell phone and so they did a close up of her and everyone started booing until she turned it off! They also did that to one more lady, and then there was this man that just would not wave, so they kept putting the camera on him until he waved! Very funny!

A New Day Has Come

I am glad that this is replacing Nature Boy, I think it is a much better song to start the show with, since the show is called "A New Day..."!! I was sitting in my seat, anxiously awaiting Céline, when, very suddenly, the lights went out and the glass shattered on the screen. The music of the slow version of A New Day Has Comestarted to play, and they showed the image of Céline walking down the steps on the LED screen, although I wasn't paying much attention because I saw the door in the bottom of the LED screen open, and there was Céline standing there in the dark, so I kept my eye on her until the spotlight when on her. She came out wearing that beautiful wide legged suit black sparkly suit, and began to sing. After the song was finished, the lights went pitch black.

The Power of Love

As the lights came back on, Céline had taken off the skirt, and was wearing the red wide legged dress looking thing. Now, I have not been a huge fan of the dress, but I have to say that in peron, it look stunning on her!! She sang the song with such emotion, and when she hit her chest, we were so close, that we could hear it not in the mike! She did an amazing job of the song...and when she finished singing that long note at the end, she was literally shaking all over! I'm telling you, she has so much power for a little thi ng like she is, her voice doesn't match her body at all! After she finished the song, she welcomed everyone to the show and said that she appreciated everyone being there very much.

It's All Coming Back To Me Now
The background came on for this song, and I was already impressed before Céline even began to sing! Céline turned around for the pose that the beginning of the song, and then she began to walk around, and the look she had on her face! I'm telling you! She should do a movie, she would be perfect the way she had her face, and the way she was acting durning the opening of the song...incredible!! She sang this song with a huge amour of emotion, and got applause over top of the first few lines of Because You Loved Me! Amazing!!!!!

Because You Loved Me
Well, it's my favourite song, so what can I say! It was a dream come true not only to be able to see Céline live, but for her to sing this song! She sang it more beautifully than e ver, and it just blew me away!

To Love You More
One of my favouite songs, she sany this with such passion and such energy I thought she would explode singing some of those notes!! The last note she sang, she held it for so long, and it was amazing, we could see her shaking again at the end of the song! She was crying and it looked like she could barely breath!! All she could say for a minute was "Whew! I needed that!" Then she talked about her vacation and said that it felt good to be back.

I'm Alive
This song is just so energetic! With all the dancers jumping around everywhere and Céline looked so happy and enthusiastic!! When she was standing at the edge of the stage, she at the very beginning, she kept moving her butt farther and farther out into the audience, everyone laughed at this!! Toward the middle of the song, Celine kicked her foot out into the audience, and then she pointed at me and winked! I'm telling you, I couldn't breath f or a second!! I almost cried!

Seduces Me
This song is so passionate and sensual! I've seen pictures and clips on TV, but I never imagined it was this good! She uses her voice so well in this song, the guys are sliding all over the floor and they are all over Céline, and she kept a straight face the whole time, and a steady voice! After she was finished, she got up walked to the frong of the stage, she was like "Whoa!" and pretended to trip a little, very good! She pointed at someone and said "You wanna try that chiar??" and then she was like "I really like this Franco Dragone idea" and winked at everybody.

If I Could
Céline always sings this song with such intense emotion throughout the whole song! In some moments she had a smile from ear to ear, but in other moments she could barely sing because she was crying so much! Absolutely brilliant performance!

At Last
Very good job of this song! She hit the notes very well excetp for one, but that note sounded beautiful anyway, and it was excellent!

Now who doesn't love this song! Come one! She is dancing around on the top of the piano, and shaking her butt out at the audience! Nothing beats that!

I've Got The World On A String
I love the way she does this song, amazing notes! And that note at the end...I loved it! It sounds even better and more intense in person then on tape!!

A New Love
The dancing here was very well done, the song is so pretty, and it is coreographed perfectly, as is everything else of course, but I could concentrate more on the dancers for this because Céline wasn't on stage.

I Surrender
Ok, I have been waiting to see and hear this live for so long! I LOVED IT!! Possibly the best part of the show! She sings it with such intensity and emotion in her face and in her voice, it is a very well done song! And I love the way that she ended it! Phen omenal!

Ammore Annascunnuto
Once again, Céline does an amazing job singing in Italian! I just loved the way she did this song! I loved the first half with the dancing, and I also love the song...it is very pretty, and the way that Céline comes back on stage looks really good, she just kind of blends in for the first part that she sings.

I Wish
Ok, I just love the dancing she does in this! It looks so cool and at the end where she is talking to everybody and asking them to help her and if they've seen all those people, very funny!

Love Can Move Mountains
She does this song with so much energy, and it sounded amazing! She came down and danced with the audience too, fun! Not for very long though. :-( At one point, she looked at one of the girls that was dancing with her, and she w as like "this is not fair!" and so she pulled up her pants so they were above her knees, and she finished that little dancing part like that! At the end of the song she did this too, except she pulled one leg up and showed it off to everyone, and then she pulled the other leg up and showed it off to everyone, and then the camera put a close-up of her legs up on the LED screen, which she laughed at! After she finished doing that little thing she does, like running in place with her legs apart, she says to the audience "whatevery happens in vegas, stays in vegas, OK??" which everyone laughed at! Very funny! Also, they must have changed something in the song because the dancers started doing something and Céline stepped back and she was like "hold on, I didn't reherse this!" and so she tried to dance with them for a second, and then she points at one guy and goes "don't listen to him, he's CRAZY!" The way she said crazy sounded really funny! Awesome performance!

I Drove All Night
Lipped, as usual, for most of the song. The part she didn't lip sounded better though. Fun song! She took her hair out of the pony tail and then she put in on her wrist and was shaking her head around making weird faces...hysterical!

My Heart Will Go On
Lipped, but the dress and shoes were good! Especially the shoes! :-P After the song we were all clapping and then people were shouting out "I love you!" and stuff like that, and thiso one lady says "how's your golf game??" and Céline looked out into the audience and she was like "are you my neighbour??" and everyone laughed with her.

What A Wonderful World
She could sing it a tad lower, but she does a beautiful job of the song. And we were up on the screen 3 times...yeah!

So I guess my overall review of the show would be...AMAZING!!!!! I don't have enough words to describe it! Céline is my hero, and always will be, and I thank God every second that I had the opportunity to see Céline live!!!!!

I also went on Thursday, November 11, 2004 but I thought that one review would be enough, but anyway...here is a brief overview of Thursdays show:

My mom and I also went to the show on Thursday night. We got tickets to the very right of the whole theater, row MM and NN right on the ends. Pretty good seats for last minute planning!

After Céline sang If I Could, she stood up and looked at this one lady and she goes "you are not helping me at all!" and then to the whole audience "she is like this (wiping her eyes). Looking for a kleenex or something, I don't know!" Everybody laughed. LOL!!

Also, after My Heart Will Go On, this person yelled out something and Céline made this really screwed up face like "what the heck did you just say??" although she didn't say that. At the end of What A Wonderful World, she held that last note for sooooo long that I thought she was going to run out of breath to finish the last note! Wow! It sounded amazing, a very pretty note! She gave the rose to this older lady in the front, and she stopped to talk to her for a moment, and then she looked up and said "she's 94 years old!" and everybody smiled and applauded, Céline was very sweet and stayed to talk with the lady for a minute longer and then she got back up on the stage to take her bows.

Thank you!

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