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My 4th trip to Las Vegas

Hi Celine Maniacs!

I just returned from my 4th trip to Las Vegas to see Celine Dion in the fantastic "A New Day..." show. This show was the best that I have seen so far. Celine was so energetic and into the show. I was at the Sunday, November 7th show. It was mine and my partner's anniversary so we went to Las Vegas to celebrate. And the best part of the show is that instead of the show starting with "Nature Boy", it now starts with the slow version of "A New Day Has Come". That was the best! This is our song and that made it even more special. Ever since the first time we saw the show, we have been disappointed that "A New Day Has Come" was not in the show so it was a pleasant surprise for us when the show started and the glass mirror on the big screen broke and the back ground vocals started singing "A New Day."

The rest of the show was the same as the times before, but the audience was really energetic and into the show.maybe because Celine was so into the show too. She was also very funny. After she sang "To Love You More" she stopped and talked to the audience. During the previous songs there was a lot of the smoke that they use in the show coming up from the vents. So she said "What is going on with all this smoke tonight. You would think something is on fire." And after that the smoke stopped. The audience gave Celine a long standing ovation after she sang "My Heart Will Go On". And people were yelling out sing another song and Celine said she would and also yelling out give your boy a hug. Celine was joking with them and asked if they were her neighbors LMAO. And then she sang "What A Wonderful World" for the last song. We were sitting on the 3rd row in the Team Celine section. I love these seats because when Celine sings "If I Could" she is sitting on the steps right in front of us.

Earlier in the day we went into the Boutique of which I could stay for hours. The new show program is out. So I got one. It is really cool. It has the picture on the "A New Day Live In Las Vegas" CD on the cover and the picture on the insert of the CD where she is not facing the audience in the asian-like dress on the back of the program. This is a really cool program. Much better than the original one which is also still for sale in the Boutique. This one has a lot more of the show pictures inside..with Celine's long hair. It also has the song listing inside which still includes "Nature Boy", "The First Time I Saw Your Face", and "JeTm' Encore" which are NOT currently in the show. Also in the shop there is a stuffed animal Frog with "Celine Dion" stitched on the Frog's foot. There is a tag attached to the frog with the story of how Celine received a frog during one of her first performances and she has always considered these little animals as good luck charms ever since (read the very first review posted on this website and written by Anat). I bought one of these too!

There are a lot of other new items in the Boutique including magnets with Celine's new look (the longer hair) as well as new clothing items. We had a great time and I can't wait to go again soon!

Until next time,

From Russia With Love!

My Ticket Hi everyone! My name is Andrey and I'm from Russia. What I am going to tell you seems quite unbelievable to all my friends as well as to me, I saw Celine in concert!

My friend and I who have been Celine's fans for years were lucky enough to get tickets on the second row, seats 305 and 306. Through Ticketmaster.com . Of course we ordered them in advance, long before we knew that Celine was not feeling well those days. Naturally, we wish Celine health, and I could never blame her for not being able to perform, still try to imagine our joy when we knew for sure that we were going to see Celine herself. 'Cause we were going to Las Vegas on the 23rd of September!!!

God, if only you could know how much effort we had to make to get there. I can remember very well my friend say, back in November 2003, that we had to see Celine live, in her mega-popular show, just whatever it would take. So I started the whole thing in November 2003, almost a year before I got to see the show. But since it doesn't have anything to do with Celine, I won't bother you with details.

So here we are, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. We decided to find the place where the show was going to take place several hour before that. We also bought two more tickets for the following show, the 24th. The rest of what happened still looks like a dream, a dream that came true! When we entered the Colloseum theatre, the big screen was monitoring the audience and you could see yourself walking in the hall. The two shows we attended WERE NOT SOLD OUT, at least we could see a bunch of free seats when the show began. A couple of minutes before the show the camera started to run over the hall and show everyone closer. There was a girl in the audience who looked awesomely like Celine. The camera focused on her for about two minutes. Then we heard the very familiar monotone sound and the picture of the audience broke to pieces.

What an amazing intro they made! So touching and cruel! Celine appears on the screen - it's not her, just her picture - then she appears in a different place and so on, until she starts singing. During the whole "Nature Boy" you cannot see her very well because of the weak lighting. Celine finishes her first song, the light fades out and in a few moment she is standing in all new clothes performing "The Power Of Love". Only then I realized that it was the woman I'd wanted to see and the show I'd wanted to attend. I liked "The Power Of Love" very much.

Withough saying a word, Celine goes on to perform "It's All Coming Back To Me Now", "Because You Loved Me" and "To Love You More". She makes a small pause then and adresses to the audience. She said how sorry she was about what had happened to her several days before, adding that it was the worst thing for a performer to cancel shows knowing that somebody was longing to see you. But she thanked everybody who was there that night. "Shall we go for it!?". She sang "I'm alive" so well, as she did all the other live songs, that I just wished that show had been released as a CD. It was perfect. "I'm Alive" was followed by "Seduces Me" and a funny monologue about the "Secuces Me" chair which is repeated at every show. Then came "If I Could" Celine was sitting right on the side where our seats were, 'cause they were not in the center. So we could look at her so closely. After that Celine performed "At Last<'b>", "Fever" and "I've Got The World On A String". At the end of it they show the audience again on the screen to distract us while Celine disappears from the stage.

Then comes the instrumental composition "A New Love". I must say I don't always understand the meaning of some dancers' moves, but it looks nice anyway. When "A New Love" finishes, Celine performs "I Surrender" in a new dress. That song sounds so fine and powerful. You can't but admire Celine's passion and her voice. I liked very much the fire at the end of the song. "I Surrender" is followed by "Ammore Annascunnuto" which has a very long introduction. Celine starts to sing even before she is on stage. She walks and wears the same clothing as all the dancers that walk slowly from behind the curtains with her.

After the song Celine tells a joke about her musicians, just the same as I heard on the April's bootleg recording. There goes "I Wish" (she dances SO WELL!!! I can't explain it with words); during "Love Can Move Mountains" Celine approached so close to us that I could extend my arm and touch her hand, I just didn't have the courage to do so.... Next time I wanna be sitting in the front row!! Oh, it was too much fun. All through "I Drove All Night" the audience was standing without ceasing to applaud. When everybody finally gets on his/her place, the big screen is showing the moon (it looks rather as a planet). There comes "My Heart Will Go On" with a long intro. It doen't have many screen or dancing effects though. When Celine finishes, the people are on there feet again. We can hear Celine say "thank you" many times and the "What A Wonderful World" intro begins. All of a sudden Celine changes in face, walks towards the audience and says, "Oh, you can sit down". Only after that she starts singing. A few moments from the last song didn't sound so well, but I'm pretty sure it's because of some technical problem, the same that happened on the Millenium concert (in S'il suffisait d'aimer).

Celine gives her bow to the audience and rushes backstage. :( At the 24th September's show we were sitting pretty far from the stage, seats 214 & 215, orchestra 2 section. Celine was a bit more energetic and funny than on the previous night. When she finally said "Oh you can sit down", the people just wouldn't sit down! She said, "Are you sure you're okay? Well, I leave it up to you then". We decided to wait a little bit after the show in case Celine might re-emerge and we could get autographs from her. We had already seen Rene Angelil in the audince but unfortunately he was very far from us. But the security told us that Celine NEVER gives autographs to anyone which seems to be true because she says she wants to always go home after the show. Well, I don't wanna interfere with her private affairs. I just wanted that night last as long as possible.

Marchino In Las Vegas !!

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Hi maniacs!

My Ticket My Ticket I’m taking advantage of this so long 10 hours flying to write my special holiday’s review in the U.S.A. and especially in Las Vegas! I hope to don’t bore you and to make you feel, even only just a little bit, all the great emotions I lived!

Before arriving in Las Vegas, I drove through California’s coast; I saw beautiful places but to be honest with you my heart and my mind weren’t there...I was thinking always of Las Vegas! In the meantime, I tried to give a “Celine” way to my journey, going to all cd shops to see which Celine’Cds they had, going to many malls to look for her new fragrance and when I reached Los Angels and especially Hollywood I absolutely must take a picture over Celine’s star on the Walk of Fame!

But after 7 long days waiting, the 6th July comes...I fly to Vegas, Celine'S LAND! It’s a marvellous city, especially for huge Celine’fans like us!!! Infact just at the airport, you can see Celine show’s posters and some of them are very big and Celine’s name is everywhere!! My heart was crazy beating! And the best must comes! At Caesars Palace, where I stayed, while my sister and the other 2 guys who were with us were checking in, I didn’t resist at my curiosity and I went looking for the Colosseum.

As soon as I saw the Box Office with all the show’s posters, the megascreens that always broadcast Celine’s show ads and raising the eyes... The Celine Dion Boutique’s sign... I started crying!! I swear you that if my sister wasn’t with me inside, I would have spent all my money! I looked like “Alice, in wonderland”! There’s all type of stuffs...cds DVDs, fragrances, jewels, clothes, every type of merchandising and on the ceiling all her videos are continuosly broadcasted! I WANT TO WORK THERE! The prices are a little bit expensive, but I suggest you to make like me...take all the items you like without regarding the prices, at the cash departement impose on yourself not to understand the total, give your credit card at the employee and that’s all!!! I bought the show’s programm, the new fragrance, one big poster, some postcards, some shirts and other presents!

But the NIGHT must arrive! Infact I had bought the tickets for the 7th July and 8th July shows, so I had to wait another endless day! The morning after I prompty went to the Box Office to take my tickets (infact if you buy them by TeamCeline, you can pick up your tickets only the day of the show) and after so long waiting hours...the magical moment comes! Before entering into the theatre, you must pass through a metal detector and in the hall there’re screens showing Celine’s Chrysler ads and fragrance spots, photographers and a bar. After have bought an “A New Day” water bottle (5 dollar!! Only because I was so thirsty!) I reached the entrance of my sector and an employed after have controlled my ticket showed me my seat. I was wordless!!! The theatre is amazing and especially I was in the 4th row, only few meters from the stage!

After some minutes my seat’s neighbour Kaye arrives, a very gentle and nice American fans who was a member of TeamCeline too and excited like me because also she was seeing Celine live for the first time! She was very gentle and smart to have supported all my “hysterics” all show long! After 15 minutes chatting togheter and very funny zooming over the crowds showed on the megascreen, all the lights go down....AND THE SHOW STARTS! The notes of NATURE BOY spread into the theatre, on the megascreen a big stairway appears, wich Celine seems to get off but the “real” Céline appears a little after from the bottom of the stage. I was completely crazy!! Finally after 8 long years waiting I had my loved Céline only few meters from me!! I started crying and basically I continued all show long!!

She wore the red dress, that we saw often on the show pictures and she had very long hair! She was amazing! It’s the turn of THE POWER OF LOVE, one of the best scenographic songs of the show, during wich I had the shivers at the moment of the final shrill note...of an incomparable beauty and power! Without a pause starts IT’S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW. On the megascreen appear lightnings and a castle walls (remembering that one in the song’s video) and Celine try also to “act”. Follow BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME, sung better than the version on the cd live and TO LOVE YOU MORE with the new violonist of her band.

Finally Celine stops for few minutes to take breath and talk to the crowd, always with the same irony and simplicity that mark her! She thanks everyone to be come to see the show and she says she can’t really realize that it’s just more than a year that this adventure began. After some other witty remarks she asks if we want to dance and move with her and after a choral “Yeah!!I’M ALIVE starts. All the song long, Celine talks to the dancers, dances, and she trasmitts an huge charge and grim! Afterwards a dancer takes on the stage a chair and after being set down, Celine starts to sing SEDUCES ME with all the men dancers without shirts who surround her and try to touch her. At the end of the song, she sit up, she makes her famous funny faces, she thanks Franco Dragone for all that and she ask if some other woman’d like to try that chair! Now the “intimatest” moment arrives. She ask if she can sit down among us ( naturally no one says NO!!), she sit down on the stage’steps and she dedicates IF I COULD to all the parents and children of the world, especially to her little René-Charles. She was so close to me!!! I think that if I stretched my arm I could touch her! I stayed all song long with my eyes fixedly on her!! Really a great emotion!

Now it’s the turn of the three “classic” songs, introduced like in cd live. Fabulous shrill notes in AT LAST, very funny coreography in FEVER with the dancers who make her walking over them to go down the piano, and pure magic in I’VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING with many huge music instruments floating on air and following the Dragone’art over them there’re the dancers! Keeping that last shrill notes, Celine disappears in the bottom of the stage, but the dancers stay and beginn to dance over the beautiful notes of A NEW LOVE. I swear you that this is one the most emotional moments of the show, especially because all the dancers can really show their talent! Afterwards a very big lamp-maker comes down over the stage, on the megasreen a lot of little lights appear and I SURRENDER starts! Celine wears a new long dress pink, on the megascreen a big fire appears and also during this song she can draw out an incredible voice and an huge grim!

At the end of this song everyone is in the middle of an Italian square...yes it’s the moment of AMMORE ANNASCUNNUTO! Céline appears walking from a stage’site with a new dress (the one of the cover of the cd live) and she makes me live a great emotion at the moment of the final shrill notes. I had never heard a shrill note so powerful and high first, not even from her! It entered in my heart!! After thanking in Italian, she starts to talk and joke with the crowd again inroducing her band. She introduces the voices and than she asks everyone “Do you immagine where are all the musicians?” (I was wondering this too!) and the staircases in the middle of the stage lighten showing that all the musicians are under there! They looked like they were in a prison! Infact Céline joking says “It was my idea to shut them here for three years! But don’t worry! They’re good! We give them some water!” After that, untiringly our unrestrained Celine starts to sing and dance again on the notes of I WISH, during that she shows she’s a good dancer too!! The coreography is very funny, with some dancers dressed like photographers and fans running after her, she ask for help at the security and at the end she falls to the stage for the tiredness! But do you think that this woman can be really tired? Absolutely not! Infact after some notes of LOVE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS she starts to sing and dance again! And now it’s my special moment! Infact during this song some dancers go amoung the pubblic to make all the people dance with them. Naturally I haven’t lost the occasion and I immediately started to dance. All the dancers passing near me (and they must do it beacuse my seat was near the way conducing to the stage!) who saw me so unrestrained, they stopped to dance with me saying some compliments like “You go, boy!” or “Very good, perfect!”. Another dancer, who stayed on the stage to dance with Céline, noticed me and he made me from the stage an approval’ sign! Afterwards Céline continuing dance FINALLY look right in my direction, we look for few seconds at each other and I send her a kiss with the hand! Kaye and I were extremely delighted!! I don’t know really if Céline saw my kiss, but that looks’ crossing was enough to make me feel like I had lived a magical moment only between me and her, like the theatre was completely empty! It was relly an unforgettable moment!

But it’s not time to sit down and relax! In fact the energy of I DROVE ALL NIGHT involves you and Celine and all the dancers invite all to keep the rhythm with the hands! For me this is one of the best song of all the show, because it has a beautiful coreography and atmosphere!! Plus I can assure you that the final strill is COMPLETELY LIVE!! I’m sorry but everyone who doubted the opposite must change their mind!! At the end of the song, she thanks everyone, the dark falls in the theatre and a huge white moon appears on the megascreen. It becomes bigger and bigger with the notes of MY HEART WILL GO ON ‘s instrumental intro. This is the only difference that I noticed with the cd live, where there isn’t this inital intro. When Elise begins to play flatus, a bride with a long white dress appears walking on air, after that Céline comes from the bottom of the stage with a new dress (the one she has on the foto in the booklet of the cd live) and on the notes of this loving song I start crying like a mad, like I’ve never did before! I couldn’t stop! In fact Kaye at one point thrashed me like to comfort me...I’d like to know what she was thinking about me! She would have thought I was crazy! A huge standing ovation togheter with applause and shouts followed the song (I cryed with all my remaining voice and strengh an huge I LOVE YOU too!!) after that Céline thanked everybody on behalf of all the dancers, musicians and technicians too, the moment of the last song WHAT A WONDRFUL WORLD comes.

Unfortunately Céline after some bows and greetings go away...I would send her other kisses!! After having embraced and thanked Kaye to have supported me all show long, I reach my sister and the other guys who curiosly ask me how was the show. The only aswer I could give them was: “- I have no words to describe it! Saying that Céline was amazing is not enough...You will realize all tomorrow!”-

For the second show I was sitted down a little more behind (Rear Orchestra Area), but maybe I enjoyed more all the show because I could see better the whole stage and the megascren and especially I was a little more relaxed! Infact this time I sang at the top of my voice all show long and I was able to limit my tears...really I couldn’t keep some during My heart will go on!! The show was like the one of the evening before, a funny thing happened. Infact after 'My heart will go on' and all the applause, standing ovations and shouts, Celine was beginning to sing 'What a wonderful world', but after some notes she stop singing and she says to the crowd which was still set up: “You can sit down now, no problem!!” Everybody laughs and applauds and after some “I Love You” cryed from the crowd (There was mine too!!), she thanks, she says she would love to talk also for few minutes with everyone and she starts to sing the last song again!

On leaving the theatre I reached my sister and the other They thanked me to have taken them to see the show and they couldn’t describe how they were amazed about the great dancers and especially about the Celine’s voice beauty! One of them thought she was singing on playback because he couldn’t believe she was so great. I answered him: -“ No, no, she sang live! You’ve just saw live the great and the only Céline!” . If I must say something less “positive” I can say you that it seems like the show is too short (but I can also understand that for her is not absolutely simple to sing and dance togheter for 90 minutes without a pause!) and I’m sorry she didn't sing 'The first time ever I saw your face' and 'Je t’aime encore' and that all the “boring” persons in the first rows ruin the magical show’s atmosphere.

Now that I saw the show I can really understand and share her remarks and especially her choise. It’s really something indescribable...it’s a mix between a musical, a ballet show, a concert, very “visual” and it can give huge emotions everyone, wheter to Celine’ fans or to simple audience. Plus Céline has an extraordinary voice, power and grim. We all already know it, but she was able to surprise me just more, notwithstanding I love her and I follow her and her music for years! I don’t know if the Live Cd has been recorded, when she wasn’t at the top of her form, but believe me, it doesn’t render neither the half her skill. I appreciate it much more now, because every time I heard it I can live again the magical and huge emotions, Céline gave me during those two shows! The most surprising thing is infact having seen people of every age, sex, from the child to the adult get excited!

I would like to thank Céline, if she would ever read this words, to make me live one of the greatest emotions of all my live and to wait me more because I promised myself to go again because I left there a piece of my heart! I LOVE YOU CELINE!!!

Celine's "never seen before" show

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Dear Celine Fans,

My name is Matt and I am from the UK i had been saving you to see Celine in Las Vegas for well over a year and had managed after a lot of hard work to book tickets through a great person from concerts west who gave me seats 3rd row from the front CC412 and CC413. I thought I was in heaven. I arrived at the Colosseum around 7.15pm I wanted to go to the Celine shop first and do a bit of shopping. The main casino area in front of the entrance to it was already quite crowded and the box office was heaving with people and some of the media were gathering for the after concert media event at this time I assumed nothing was wrong i didn't see any signs or anything to say otherwise after waiting about 20 mins a rep from Caesars come up to us with a Huge pile of papers and handed us one and said 'Have you been informed there is no concert tonight?' I thought at this point they were joking and i read the letter to why it was cancelled and I was just in shock I had saved all of my money and come all the way from England to see the person who I admire the most.

The man told us that if we come back at around 8.30pm they will be letting people in to see the DVD of the show which has just been finished and everyone was able to get a free drink in the Chrysler salon. There were people being interviewed by the media next to us one lady crying and saying also how far she had come to the show and about two thousand people all looking very upset and disappointed. We waited with the others that decided to wait and were aloud in the Colosseum. Around 8.40pm everyone piled in and went to wherever they could as we had been told it was general admission which had upset some people as they as I had paid to get front row seats we queued for what seemed for ever people were getting annoyed some shouting let us in and why are we waiting the doors finally opened at 9pm and people flooded into the Colosseum only yhr first mendez was full as much people must have gone home as that show was meant to have been sold out. The stage was set ready for Celine to have been there in a blue light with a tree and glowing lampposts on stage. Around 9.10pm somebody emerged from the back of the stage it was René. Everyone quietened down as he come on he greeted it sounding quite nervous and greeted everyone some in the audience booed at him and he replied saying he understands that boo's and how upset we are and would like to apologise on behalf of Celine for her not being able to perform tonight and explained that she began to feel unwell after her WMA performance on Wednesday night and a doctor had been called out and she had a sinus infection he said she is in bed unable to speak and very depressed and upset she couldn't perform tonight. He said as a small consolation that we would be the first people to see the show recorded for the DVD. He then went of the stage again apologising on behalf of Celine we all watched the DVD in silence a few clapping through it was an amazing show i think it was worse for people to see it on the DVD as it showed what we were missing the dvd is about 1hr 45mins long as was filmed months ago when Celine had her short blonde hair.

Here's what I was able to see:

NO "The Power Of Love", "I DROVE ALL NIGHT" and the Naopiltan song... I am so sad that I didn't get to see her but I hope the pictures I took are enjoyed by people.

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