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God Bless America !

Hi Celine's Maniacs,

I just got back from Las Vegas a few days ago where I saw Celine Live in her fantastic Vegas Show "A New Day..." for the 3rd time. The show was wonderful and Celine looked great. I love her long hair. It looks so good on her. We were on the 4th row again this time. Same seats for all 3 times that we have been to her show - Seats 401 & 402. Try to get those seat when you go! Celine sits on the steps right in front of you when she sings "If I Could" so you really get to see her up close.

Anyway nothing new had been added to the show. They still did not perform "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" nor "Je T'aime Encore". But they did add "God Bless America" at the very end of the show just for July 4th. The crowd was really excited and gave Celine a standing applause for several minutes. My hands hurt after the show after clapping so much!

I talked to one of the ladies in Celine's boutique and asked her about the new Show Program. "It is true", she said. "They just finished making photos for the program and it will be out soon", but she did not know exactly when. Also she confirmed that Celine is looking at schools in Vegas for Rene Charles so the rumor is that she will renew her contract at Caesar's Palace. Cross Your Fingers!!!

A New Day Watch The boutique has lots of new items especially a Celine Dion watch. I was so excited to find that! I have been looking for a Celine watch for years and I finally found one. It is made by Fossil, it's a unisex watch, and on the face is the "A New Day" logo. The shop also had a few items on sale. It is the coolest store! I could stay in it for days. And TeamCeline members now get a 10% discount on merchandise, but not on sale merchandise.

Hope to see Celine again soon!!!


The Show - 05/06/2004

Celine appeared to be walking down steps and then she including the steps vanished, with the opening music of `Nature Boy´. I don´t know where it came from, but a sudden, strange, and loud yelp came out of me. It seems as if I was in a distant dream and none of my surroundings including Celine´s vanishing act was real!! She came back and vanished again and came back again. She was wearing her famous treacherous red dress and boots but with a black, long coat-like covering which looked better than that hideous red dress. (She should have kept it on). Even though, she was beautiful. Her hair was the hair that we all love: Brown and long, but wavy.

I started to weep. I got so emotional it was over whelming. I was shivering. I didn´t know what to do with myself so I held my friend close by. She was telling me everything is okay but then she lost it too!! First song was `Nature Boy´ which was chosen by Celine to sing because the famous French songwriter Eddy Marnay loved it, and so she does it in his memory. She sang with her heart and it was very peaceful. She took the beautiful black coat-like covering off and `The Power of Love´ was sung with her soul. For some reason `IACBTMN´,´BYLM´, and `TLYM´ was shorten but all so real and powerful. I was at the edge of my seat!!

Before she spoke everyone was cheering so boisterously and I was shouting from the top of my lungs!! A Latin man than sat a few rows behind us kept on shouting,"I LOVE YOU CEELINNNE," with the heaviest accent if you can imagine!! He was hilarious.

We began to become quiet and Celine spoke. She shouted,"TODAY IS THE 200TH SHOW!!!!," and everyone lost control. I didn´t even know it was the 200th show so that gave me the more reason to celebrate. She talked about the long journey that all of the dancers, technicians, and musicians have come to. Than she asked us if we were ready for more. I shouted out,"YEAH," and yelped again. I was at the edge of my seat!!

Celine sang the oh so famous `I´m Alive´ with STILL so much energy and asked one of the dancers,"Give me five girlfriend!!" which was cute. I found `Seduces Me´ to be very nasal. The coordination and timing of the guys was perfect but she just lacked something there for me. Than she spoke and dedicated `If I Could´ to Rene-Charles.

Maybe she thinks people are getting tired of her rambling on about her son. The next three songs she mentioned were remakes, `At Last´, `Fever´, and `IGTWOAS´. It was funny how she pronounced Etta James. She said,"Eddda Jammes", in her little accent. But `Fever´ was one of my favorites!!! Everything about it was great!!! From the chorography to the sitting on the piano to the walking on men was excellent. I also noticed that there was more red in the show and the girls were wearing more red. A New Love began and I watched in awe, all of the dancers. Than boom!! The ever so huge `I Surrender" just flew into me and again I was at the edge of my seat holding on to every note. She changed into a long sliver sparkling pale pink dress which was very pretty. I just loved the way she changed it around a little. In `TFTEISYF´ Celine did a beautiful job. Especially in the ending when she sang, "Your faaccce," those words trembled through the round. Ammore Annasconutto was another one of my favorites. She changed into her little jumper suit. It was genius how the music took up most of the song and later is joined in on the act. They way they were striding across the stage reminded me of the movie Center Stage.

Celine spoke again but this time of Jean-Jacques Goldman and his song Je t´aime Encore and she sang of course with the English writing on the scroll. She spoke again but this time she was fooling around with us and didn´t go with her usual script. She wanted to know which side was the loudest. She told us that we could do better and to not be shy. She said that she was a big talker and everyone was laughing.

`I Wish´ has always been my favorite and she changed it up a little. Celine told us to get up for `LCMM´,´IDAN´, and she was losing it and so were we. I never danced so much before. I was out of breath and wondered how she could do this every night. Celine changed for the last time in a pastel pink looking swan outfit which was the most beautiful. We clapped for four minutes straight yelling,"CELINE, CELINE, CELINE," and she was blushing. That when my friend and I waived our arms frantically to get her attention and we did!!!!!!! Celine finally sang `My Heart Will Go On´ and `WAWW" which was very emotional for all of us. I was yelling so loud that it began to bother the people in front of me. I didn´t care because it surely got Celine´s attention, and I know if every the 200th show is ever put on DVD I will hear my high pitch screaming.

Love, Aka

Ashley's Review - 6/14/2003

Ashley s pictures Ashley s pictures Ashley s pictures Ashley s pictures Ashley s pictures

When I saw Celine's amazing, spectacular, phenomenal, outstanding, breathtaking... well you get the point! When I saw her show it was unbelievable! It was a high school graduation present from my parents. My best friend Ashlee came along with us on our trip, her being a huge fan too. We saw many things in Las Vegas, but nothing compared to the night of June 14, 2003. That of course, was the night we saw the show! Ashlee and I had decorated shirts and headbands, we decorated them to spell out "Celine" across the front. If anyone didn’t already know we were huge fans, they knew now.

When Ashlee and I saw the stage our mouths dropped open! We could not believe we were actually there! When Celine walked onstage I was in complete and total awe! It was an amazing moment! Ashlee and I had decided prior to the show that at some point we were going to yell "We love you Celine!" Celine had just sang “To Love You More,” and the audience was giving her a big round of applause. Celine's always sincerely touched by the love from the audience, and that night was no different. I felt it was the right moment so I tapped Ashlee on the shoulder, and in unison we yelled, “We love you Celine!” She smiled at us, and seemed to be touched by our words. Then the moment I will never forget as long as I live, she looked directly at us and said, “I love you too!” Ashlee and I couldn’t catch our breath, we were literally breath taken! Then my head collapsed on my mom’s shoulder, trying to gather myself and catch my breath, and Ashlee’s head collapsed on my shoulder trying to do the same.

It’s a little blurry from then on, but I do remember looking up and she had her head tilted with ours while laughing at our reaction then said something like “It’s on tonight, don’t you just love Las Vegas on a Saturday night?!” It was an amazing show. The staff at the Colosseum is so kind too. A Colosseum staff member was very generous to us, giving us gifts and souvenirs from the show for being such dedicated fans. We were able to meet several people involved in the show, including some of the dancers who were nice enough to sign our programs and talk to us for a while. It was an unbelievable night, and I cannot wait to go back this summer!

Hugs, Ashely

The New Year's Eve Show!!

Hello Celine's Maniacs,

My Ticket Another year has gone by, but what a great one it has been. OK!!! ;) I am on my way to the strip and five minutes into the ride a Celine song comes on. I know instantly and say to my mom “OH MY GOD SOMETHING GREAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TONIGHT,” I don’t have a ticket, but I am still optimistic I will get in to the show. So I arrive at the Colosseum it’s 6:00 p.m. and I have an hour to try to get a ticket. I’m waiting and I finally get the guts to ask some people. First man I ask, yeah he is selling tickets, but only as a pair and for $300 bucks. Two girls catch my eye and they are selling tickets too and one of them tell me they have a $127 ticket, but can sell it for $100. I scrape up my money and I end up with $61 and they tell me fine, sold. It’s 7:00 enter the Colosseum, I never go to my assigned seat, I find a friend of mine and while I’m talking one of Celine’s bodyguards passes and I meet and greet with him. It’s almost 7:30 so I find a seat next to the sound check guys (it’s an area in the middle of the theater). Five minutes until the show starts Rene finds his seat in the sound check booth and then the show starts.

There have been some changes to Celine’s wardrobe here is what I found. Opening act Nature Boy we all know Celine’s hair is growing out, but they still use the prerecorded video of Celine coming down in an imaginary stair case. Her hair is short in the video and she uses a black pant suit with a white shirt under. Now she actually uses a black dress that is cut to look like a suit with a red bustier underneath. The next song Power Of Love lights go black and Celine appears with the Red bustier and it turns out to also be a dress. At the end of the song Celine stops to talk with us she wants to wish us “A Happy New Year and Peace On Earth.” Celine’s boys are still not wearing shirts in Seduces Me and she tells the audience “I will give them a few minutes to get a shirt on, or nothing!” In another song Celine comes out in a pink sparkle dress with a wrap around her waist and the battery pack holder matches her dress. Celine no longer flys in the First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, but they still have people who fly. I noticed that the girl who took Celine’s place was also wearing her dress or at least a replica. Before Celine starts Je T’aime Encore she speaks with us and says “I believe we love truly, deeply once in our life,” and then goes on to speak about what the song means because this version is sung in French. She still does wear the black overalls and white shirt and there were two young girls in the audience with the a replica outfit like Celine’s and there’s said “Celine kicks” and it was on their behind. The last dress she wears for My Heart Will Go On is a kimono looking dress. It’s pink with a light spring purple color and bellbottom sleeves.

The man I was sitting next to was from France and he had told me earlier that he was going to the after party. The party was for dancers and for some of Celine’s close staff. So I decided to wait outside by the Colosseum stairs to see if I could find out where it was. An hour passes and I see nothing, so I decided to go to Terraza, I think maybe Celine might have reservations. I waited about 15 minutes and who do I see, Celine comes walking by with Rene, Michelle, R.C. and his nanny and 2 bodyguards !!!!! Her hair was different from the show, it looked like she had wet it because it was slicked back. I said, “Hi Celine” and she gave me a big smile. They went into a door, I don’t know where it leads to, but it all happened so fast and I managed to snap two pictures. I later got two more pictures, but those were with the bodyguards. One of them asked me where the perfume bottle was and if I had used it. The other one said, “Oh that was you?”

I went back to the Colosseum because I had to at least stay their till 11:00, the roads are all blocked at this time of year till the New Years hour. Slowly people start coming out and I walk up to a dancer and we start talking about Celine. He says that Celine has had a cold for a little while and that she was sick tonight. I had no clue because she was holding her notes so long and it sounded perfect. He said the night before she was singing Fever and she forgot a line, but she started to improvise and apologized for forgetting the words. “That just shows that she does not lip sing through the concert,” he said. Another dancer came out and we started talking and I asked her what was happening in there, she said it was a party for the dancers. Celine had earlier thanked them for all that they have done. I asked her about the girl who flies during the First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, and she was like, “Oh that’s me.” She also says that is the same dress that Celine used to wear, what a lucky girl she is, oh my god I thought that was the coolest thing ever. She said that Celine did not have to thank them, that she was the most down to earth person and that she was the greatest person she has had the chance to work with. We concluded our conversation and I headed down to the strip to welcome the New Year with a fire work show. Oh yes later that night I found out from a very reliable source that she would be staying the night with her family in one of the luxurious suites.

Remember Dream Big Because Dreams Really Do Come True.


Please DO NOT post this story anywhere!!

It is Celine at her best!

My Pictures My Pictures My Pictures My Pictures My Pictures

Hi Celine Maniacs!

I saw Celine's Las Vegas Show 'A New Day' on Saturday November 29th. This was the night before her father died. Celine was awesome!!!!

Our weekend started the morning after Thanksgiving as we flew into Las Vegas. Of course after checking into our hotel, the first thing that I wanted to do was to go to Celine's Boutique in Caesar's Palace. My partner is so good to me. He is not as big of a Celine fan as I am (he likes her but he is not as obsessed as I am), but he is so patient while I wonder around the shop looking at the same things over and over again. What can I say. To me it is like seeing it all for the first time.

Anyway, afterwards we shopped and checked out other stores that Friday. I still had one more day before the show. The next morning we went to pick up our Team Celine tickets at the Box Office. This was our second time seeing the show. We had seen the show on opening night in March and I have been longing to see it again ever since. And since March I have watched the opening night CBS Special so many times that I think I know all the dance moves to the songs on that TV Special. This time we had 4th row seats and in March we had 3rd row. I know it's a lot of money, but if you can afford it the extra money is worth it to be so close to the stage and of course Celine.

The show is truely amazing. Celine and the dancers did have new costumes this time. The only costume that Celine is still wearing that people might be familiar with is the black pants and suspenders with the white dress shirt. I liked some of the new costumes, but I think I prefer the red costume that she wore on opening night and that she is wearing in a lot of the promo pictures versus the one that she is wearing now. But who cares what she wears, she sings beautifully and the show is wonderful. The song order was a little different this time, and the only new song that I remember is 'Je t'aime encore' in French.

When Celine started to sing 'Have You Ever Been In Love', they had some audio trouble...she stopped singing and asked if we minded if they restarted the song...then she talked to the audience for a few minutes while the musicians fixed the audio problem. She is such a sweet and honest person! Celine didn't do the flying scene this time. She did in March and it was beautiful. This time she stood to the side and sand as two of the dancers floated thru the air. I understand why she stopped flying, but I so hope that she starts it again soon. It adds so much to the show.

To me the only disappointment to the show is that 'A New Day Has Come' is not in the show. This is my partner and I's song and we keep hoping that they will add it!

I am a huge Celine fan. Her songs mean a lot to me. I have always had much in my life and Celine has real talent which is what draws me so close to her. I listen to nothing but Celine in the car and love to sing a long with her. I would love to meet her and hopefully one day I can. I plan to go to the show sometime in 2004 but haven't picked an exact date yet. If you have a chance to go to the show, don't pass it up! It is Celine at her best!

Take Care

I'm A Lucky Girl!

I have had this crazy obsession with Celine Dion since 1996, when "Because You Loved me" came out...i can't explain it, can't deny it, can't change it...it's a part of me. I guess after listening to so many Celine songs and watching her on so many tv programs, I kind of felt like I knew her! And so I dreamed...of one day meeting this wonderful lady!

Well, in 1999 my dream came true when I was chosen for the Mtv show "FANatic" and got to meet and interview Celine in Hawaii !!. Celine was awesome and it still feels like a fairytale.

I am giving all this background so you guys can see just how much Celine has come into my path. A year ago my college scholarships were increased and my dad rewarded me by saying he'd take me to see Celine in Vegas ... AAH!! So, we ordered tickets through Team Celine and I was on the 3rd row, Orch 4 for the June 13, 2003 show...my 21st b-day. When Celine's perfume came out Belk did a contest to win a big basket full of it, the lotion, and a Celine cd. I entered, never expecting to hear back.... then one day I got a phone call saying I had won!!

THEN, the biggest surprise ever.... One day in mid August I got a phone call from a lady from Sony saying I had won the Team Celine tickets for the month of July. AH! I would be seeing Celine yet again! I went to Los Angeles for school last semester so I decided to see Celine for thanksgiving since i wouldn't be at home. My friend from South Carolina flew out and we headed to Vegas!

I had seen the show before, so I was anxious to see what was different and if they had put A New Day has Come into the program....they haven't! SO DISAPPOINTING!!! We got to the box office to pick up the tix, and sure enough Team Celine gave us the best seats in the house ... FRONT ROW CENTER STAGE! AH! OMG!!! It didn't sink in until the usher took us to our seats. Everyone around us kept asking how we got those seats! We were sitting w/ all the high rollers! woo hoo!

The concert was amazing, there had been some costume changes since the last time I saw it. We were so stinkin close to Celine we could see the hair standing up on her arms! I, of course, cried during most of every song...I couldn't help it! I couldn't believe I was so close to her! When the spot light was on Celine, it was on us too because we were so close....so she looked at us a lot and winked and smiledI was hoping she would maybe recognize me from when I met her for FANatic ...but no luck.

At the end of the show Celine always gives out a rose, and as she scanned the audience started coming towards me and my friend! AHHH!!! walked up to my friend, kissed her on the cheek, gave her the rose, and thanked her for coming. It was in slow motion and I was crying and she was crying and we couldn't believe it!!! SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME! I am trying not to be bitter! I have had the pleasure of meeting Celine before, so I am happy that my friend got a hug.

After the show, we tried to talk the usher into some meet and greets, but no luck... we tried to get meet and greets for before the show but no luck in that either. It is so freakin hard to get a meet and greet!!! The experience was incredible and nothing can top being on the front row....Team Celine really does hook the fans up. I dont really know what all of this means, I believe things happen for a reason and I just cant get over all my Celine encounters...I am just destined to know her! :):) Well, that's what I tell all my friends ha ha! Thanks for reading my review and I hope you all get to experience A New Day... it is truly Celine at her best, and every performance looks like her very first ...she gives so much energy in heart in all of her songs. It's so hard to pick a favorite number, but if I had to choose I think i'd say "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" ... but there are so many others that I loved too!

God Bless!

Please don't post this story anywhere!!

Céline's Tears

Hi Celine's Maniacs!!

I have dreamed about seeing Celine for as long as I can remember and I was almost ready to resign myself to the fact that it might never happen, but then on November 30, 2003 (my 21st birthday) my dream came true. I live in California so Las Vegas is not that far away (4 1/2 hours drive) but for one reason or another I could never quite make it to see the show that I had been talking about going since I first heard about it. Then as my 21st birthday approached I decided "enough talk...I'm going to see Celine!!" I went with my mom, she took care of the hotel room and I used my birthday money for the rest.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

I had my stuff packed the night before, so naturally I was ready to go at 6:00am, but of course my mom wasn't in as big of a hurry as I. So we finally got on the road, which I now realize that I should have driven because she insisted on going the speed limit the entire way!! Who does that anymore?! The good thing was, using all of my persuasion skills, I was able to convince her to listen to Celine the whole trip. By the time we got to Vegas I was very nervous because I was sure that I wasn't going to get a ticket for that nights show (in the future I will be buying ONLINE). After we checked in to our hotel we headed toward Cesear's Palace in a sprint.

Once we finally arrived at the box office there were 30 people lined up trying to get standby tickets but I knew I had to try anyway. The lady at the counter told me that the show that night was sold out but there were still some seats for the show the next night. I was overjoyed and told her to give me the best ticket she had (I saw the show by myself because my mom didn't want to spend that kind of money to see the show...you will have to excuse her she isn't as big of a fan as the rest of us). Later that night I was so excited that I couldn't sleep a wink and I never let the ticket out of my hands.

Sunday, November 30, 2003 (The BIG DAY!)

I woke up bright and early with only one goal on my mind, wait out side the theater and try to catch a glimpse of Celine or her crew. My mom on the other hand had a different plan and I was not able to convince her this time. So after we did a little sight seeing it was time to head to the show. I made sure I got there really early, just in case I could see anyone special but no such luck. When I was finally let inside and passed through the metal detectors I was escorted to my seat. Before the show began, when the camera began to show the audience, I was absolutly terrified!! I knew that I had the biggest, stupidest grin on my face and people had to have thought I was crazy. Then the lights went out and the show started.

Suddenly I heard it, the most incredible sound I have ever heard. Celine's voice filled the entire theater and I immediately began to cry. I knew it would be an amazing night, but nothing could have prepared me for what came next. After her 2nd song Celine began to cry. She told us that her father had passed away that morning. Between her tears Celine told us that she knew her father would want her to go on with the show, he had always been her #1 fan and she knew he was with her that evening. She went on to dedicate the show to him. I don't think there wasn't a dry eye in the theater. Once we all regained composure Celine went on to give an absolutely AMAZING performance. Every one of her songs were so heart felt and emotional. All the sudden I was in another world. A world where I was the only one at the show and Celine was singing for me. I guess that is the effect she has on her fans that is one of the things that make her so great. At the end of the show Celine began to cry again. She knelt down on the stage and all you could hear was a quiet weep. Then the applause began. We gave her a 5+ minute standing ovation. Then she was off to catch a plane to Canada to be with her family.

I would have liked to have tried to make contact with her or someone in her group but given the circumstances I didn't want to be disrespectful. I knew it was hard on everyone. So I guess I will have to save that for my next trip. After the show I headed straight for the Celine store. I walked out of there with let's just say alot less money than I came in with that's for sure. I ended up with a T-shirt, a mug, a keychain, a program and 2 a new day bags. Well it's been about a month and I am still "walking on air". I haven't listened to anything but Celine, I have read 2 biographys (and I have 2 more on the way), and I have watched the tapes I made of the various t.v. specials in the past few years. I can't wait to go back and see it again. I'm planning on going again several times next year and I would love to know if any of the other "super fans" (Marisa or Brittany) will be going again. I think the more of us that are there at once, the better the chance of meeting Celine. Thanks for letting me share my wonderful experience with you!!

Take Care

Please don't post this story anywhere!!

My Review, My Dream...

As you probably know,I went back from USA last month and naturally I attended Celine's Las Vegas Show! Since now I can suggest you to not go there during these months (from half of May to September) because the weather in the end of May already hits the 110°F!! But fortunately It's a dry hot weather (the humidity has an average of 10%) so you're not suppose to sweat so much and what your skin try to delete it's suddenly dried by the sun! You could say "well but the evening weather should not be warm" NO WAY! We are talking about a desert!ih ih ih ih I still remember the first time I landed at the airport an incredible hot gust of air stroke me and I asked to Shalimar "Listen, are we next to the air-conditioning system of the airport?" (I thought that hot wind came out of the machine) and she answered me:"No that's our weather!!" and I said (in my mind) "Jesus!it's..it's 9 pm and it's still hot here!?! Ehmmm but Piero Angela (an expert man about the places of the world we are used to watch on Tv here in Italy!) said the nights in the desert are cold! Well honestly I always thought of him as a fake as Alda D'Eusanio (a woman who presents a talk-show on italian TV where people love to fight each other for no reason just to show themselves!) hahahahaha But to make you a long story short, bring with you cacao butter, body lotion to protect your body and then let it become strong enough to go on during your Nevada trip!

Ok. After Doctor Alfonso's advices let's go ahead! LOL

I landed to Vegas on May 28th (night), I was so tired after 9 hours flight from Rome to Philadelphia and 5 ones from Philadelphia to Las Vegas. Shalimar gave me the welcome and she took me at the Hotel where I had just the time to leave my luggages, have a rest, and then ready to meet the two Italian dancers of Céline's cast (Cosimo and Valentina) at the Colosseum.

Ladies & Gentleman..welcome to CELINELAND!!!

  You can see Celine's promoting posters of the show everywhere! At the airport, on taxis, buses, magazines and on all the chips and the green carpet table of Caesar's Palace Casino with different faces of Celine and the "A New Day.." logo, the majestic wide screen built lately in the hall of the Hotel, airs each 2 minutes the commercials of the show. It's wonderful! Suddnely, as you're walking you are "shocked" by "WhEEEEEen u call on meeeeee.... wheeeen you call on me....."I'm AAAlive"! Also by MHWGO and IDAN.. The Bellagio Hotel also uses sometimes for its water shows MHWGO!!!!

Entrance  I and Shalimar

Just arrived at the Caesar's Palace, I got a big disappointment: The Celine's Store, it's not so large as it seemed on pics and the gadjets they sell are not big deals but very expensive! A poster 50x70 cm costs $10 then plus taxes (almost 8%), the postcards cost 75 cents each one but the only postcard picturing the show is not the best image. Then there are also a little bit larger postcards, keyrings ($10 each one), magnets all very expensive, all the t-shirts more than $30 almost all black (to recall the color of the show) the coloured ones are for girls! The tour book costs $20 and much more...anyway the most sold item is the parfume!

click here to download

 My Autgraph 30th friday, I got my first great surprise! Shalimar, who knows almost all... gave my poster of Celine to one of the equipe to get an authogragh on it (Shalimar: "This guy comes from Italy!" He: Ohhh! "and I: "Yeah!" with a face that tried to arouse their pity LOL so they told us to come back the day later (Celine sounds lazy to give an authograph...LOL) so the day later I got my authograph "To Alfonso. Love. Celine Dion" made by a pen with silver color.

The day of the show 1st,June,Sunday

I was afraid to lose my $200 ticket (plus $23 taxes) you can get it when you want, it's not true that you have to get it one hour early the show starts, I got mine two days early and make you sure to write your name with the one of the owner of the credit card when you buy tickets on line.

I arrived at the Colosseum at 06.40 pm, I got a meeting at 07.00 pm with an Italian fan girl: Giorgia. before the show The doors of the Colosseum open at 07.00 pm before you get the hall you have to pass through metal detector and they inspect your bag. You're not allowed to use camera or videocameras, tape recorders, drinks, food, flags and so on.. I knew that but as fool as I am I forgot my Italian flag in the bag and they consficated it! (gosh!!) if you put it in the pocket nobody will notice it!...however getting the hall, there are 4 counters two selling Celine's stuff and the other two selling drinks. FREAK PRICES!! also Giorgia, that is not cheap like me, said: "I PREFER TO DIE CAUSE OF THE THIRST" LOL a little bottle of water $4 or $5 if you buy it into the teathre!! I wanted to scream: "Hell men, I paid $200 for a ticket and you don't give me a free drink neither?!?!!" Listen....Don't buy anything even if you could die to get the bottle of water with the "A New Day" Logo...after the show have a walk around the seats and you can find many empty bottles and nice glasses and all is free!!ha ha ha ha (I'm too smart ;-))

The doors inside Colosseum open at about 08.00 pm in the meanwhile you can take a look to the Sebring and to the Chrysler Pacifica, Celine's Chrysler Commercials on the screens and also the parfume commercial.

After the doors are opened the ushers take you to your own seat. The theatre is amazing, you can watch a great show even if you're far. I was at 10th row, section 4 Vip Orchestra, but it seemed as I was at row number 5...there were many snob millionaire people. I felt an important person!! LOL

To amuse the audience before the show, they air on the screen images of people inside the theatre that are waiting for their close up..so you can see people showing their bottom, their own bottle of water with that incredible price!! LOL

08.30 pm show starts! On the screen they showed Celine in a black dress singing "Nature Boy"... WOOW what a thrill! Her voice was so so so AMAZING and sound too! At the end of the song, A BLACK MOMENT, she disappeared and came back in a red dress...she was so fast to change the dress! (maybe she wore the red on underneath the black one) The Show is amazing...her voice so pure and strong... and Celine is prettier live with her hairdo as ONE HEART videoclip.

Listen, that's a show not a concert! It could be very hard find fans (I met some only in the boutique) and if you are shy you will never sing out loud or scream as you want! Thanks God next to me there was a nice young lady who wanted have fun and I was happy having fun and screaming with her..but on the other side there were three guys that didn't even applaude and sounded not enjoing the show (I wonder why hell they came to see her!?!!??)

It's a planned show, also what Celine says (it's clear that it's not a spontaneous thing no matter what, Celine acts good her role). Even the question "Are there french people?" (in french language) sounded planned...but on hearing this question I screamed : "CELIIIIIIINEEEEEEEE I'M FROM ITALYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She seemed to not care french people anymore LOL, she looked at me and winking her eye she said : "OH LA LA, THANK YOU SO MUCH!" (IN ITALIAN!!!!) Oh Lord, my face became soooo red and all the rich people around me started to look at me!opps!auhahahahah LOL

Back to the show! A mix of colors during "It's All Coming Back To Me Now it sounds for real to be on a terrace while a storm is coming WOW (its a medley including also Because You LOved Me). During "The Power Of Love" it starts to appear and disappear steps and shades of blue make this song special!!!

Unfortunatley,Celine didnt sing the neapolitan song, it has been cut a week early and then it has been put back a week later! GRRRRRRR......Cosimo (the Italian dancer) told me that Celine learned this song with a teacher and which she loves it!.

The most amazing performances? It's hard to choose. She sang all the songs beautifuly even better than the album versions, as "I Surrender" (and do it better than on the album it's very hard..but she did!!!!!) all sang keeping the original tonality even IDAN (I didnt like the background) ALL ABSOLUTLEY LIVE! (according to the Italian dancers, that one was the best show of the week..she was at the top!!!)

Celine sings, acts and dances so well. She feels the sound, she has the rhythm inside. Jumping, Running, Dancing without being breathless..all the coreography is always the same (I noticed that from the pics) maybe this is the only mistake of the show (for a fan) that nothing is improvised but as I said before it's a show not a concert! Five days at week it's impossible to change something everyday...

Here's the dancers.....so many! Amazing! They are part of the show giving something of magic to the songs. The most beautiful thing it's when they are all together on stage for "I'm Alive", "I Got The World On A String" and "IDAN". It's very funny the gag of "I Wish" where the dancers dressed up as fans start to pursue her..at the end of the song she lied down exhausted!!! Really well done!!!

The greatest performance of all was with no doubt "MHWGO" the full moon comes slowly, leaving the audience breathless and on both the sides of the stage they show images of an old theathre..WOW Celine sings this song wearing an incredible chic grey dress with glitters all over. Here's the end of the show, with "What A Wonderful World" (during the show I took always a look at my watch..saying inside of me.. "COME ON CELINE....HAVE A BREAK!" LOL

After this song she introduced to us all the musical equipe: dancers,musicians (that seem to in prison under the steps of the stage!! poor guys!)

Hey Listen...do not forget at the end to pick up all those empty bottles and glasses! In my opinion things for free are great! LOL

my pass After the show thanks to Cosimo I had the chance to be part of the backstage (but naturally no meeting with Celine!) after some checking I'm in! They gave me a pass!! Cosimo introduced me to all the dancers "This is Alfonso from Celine's Maniacs" and they: "Celine's Maniacs???....ohhh VERY GOOOOOD! I also met the artistic manager Pavel Brun! I visited the dressing rooms of the dancers, the custume room, the gym and so on...

Cosimo told me a funny thing about Celine: She gave to them a little ball (a good lucking thing) as the one she owns (it's important having it always.....I was sure..she is a very strange woman! LOL and then also told me that every saturday night they all have dinner with her!

After going out the backstage I met again that kind person who took Céline my poster to Céline for signing it.... He asked me "Were you shouting 'CEEEEELIIINEEEE I'M FROM ITALY?' ...Gosh, very good lungs!" LOL then I asked him to bring to Céline a card of Céline's Maniacs Fan Club and a 5 cent Euro... because 5 is Céline's lucky number and then the italian version of 5 cent Euro has the Colosseum on the one of its faces.

Ohhhh....I'm done! Finally! (and i'm sure you're thanking to God! LOL) In my mind i still have good memories of L.V...No matter the hot I'd like to go back!I felt at home..thanks to Shalimar and her family (I felt part of them) to Cosimo, Kelly (another dancer and Cosimo's girlfriend) Cosimo's sister(that was with me almost every night waiting for her brother) and thanks also to Valentina.

The show is extraordinary! But a thing made me a little upset. In my very personal opinion Celine choose too many ballads and wrong covers songs..for example "All by myslef" and "Natural Woman" could be better than"Fever" and"If I could", the only up-tempo songs are"I'm Alive", "LCMM"and "IDAN" but I know she has to conquire the greatest part of the audience..old people!!! (I saw few young guys!!!! :-()

Thanks to all of you cause you have been so patient and brave if you have read all till this part. Feel free to ask every piece of information about the journey,the show and so on...

A Hug


[Thanks Enzo to be so patient translating all this poem. LOL]

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