La dedica a Celine!

To Cèline:
the reason why oh why
you show us some emotions
is because you make us happy
i know that love can move mountains
but if love is out the question
it's certain that you will be my light.
Since i listen to you another year has gone by
and if only you could see me now
you'd see me flying halfway to heaven
or if there is any other way:"dans une autre monde"
because you loved me
and so because of the power of your love
i know that's the way it is
and if walls could talk
they would say: "Since the first time ever i heard your music
i love it all the way and i know well these are the special times!!!".
if you asked me to...."let's talk about love!"
and if you questioned me..."where is the love?"
i haven't any doubts
because with your music l'amour existe encore
and so love is on the way
this is real emotion
and of course there's no living without listening to you
i'm dreaming of you
and because of you my heart will go on and on
mercì Céline
with love Adele xxx


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