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Céline: 'Another year has gone by' Céline and René
Yes, a year has gone by since that fateful night, on 31 December 1999, after her 'Encore une chanson...'; after the final note of 'Ce n’etait qu’un reve', yes! the first year after the retreat from stage of our favourite has gone by. [Continuation]
Your voice
Céline during a concert
Delicate as a tear that slowly slips on the face,
but strong as any storm,
sweet as the love,
warm as a smile
deep as the ocean
cool as the breeze during a summer night:
your voice is all this!
Unique, overwhelming, endless...
Dedicated to Céline Dion
A beautiful picture of Céline
I'm a great fan of Céline Dion and I have to admit honestly that I have known Céline very late thanks to the soundtrack of the motion picture 'Titanic'. Before, I've never felt so wonderful sensations and a so immense joy, all this has been indescribable and I'm sure that Céline betters the quality of the life of the persons who listen to her music. [Continuation]
Falling into you
A beautiful picture of Céline
I love all the Céline's albums, but some of them are really special! [Continuation]
The voice of the soul
Céline Once upon a time there was a duckling, black and thin, with only a big dream: to become a wonderful and majestic pen, to hover high in the sky. She has been wanting it from her earliest youth and she knew that one day her dream would be granted. Aware of her way, she went along it with unexpected courage, without getting disheartened by the obstacles met in her impassable way. [Continuation]
You are....Great
(Tu es....Great)

Céline, sweet nightingale with the crystal voice, when I bought, during 1999, the CD 'All The Way - a decade of song', especially for the song 'My Heart Will Go On', I realize that you have not bewitched only the sea of Titanic, but also my heart.

Céline: The best
Among the too many singers who are in the music world, nobody has never succeeded to caught my attention so much to make me interested in their life and their hits. [Continuation]
Stefania De Tomi
A song
Here are the lyrics of the song written by Vincenzo and dedicated to Céline. Vincenzo
Céline Céline
There is and there will be forever a nightingale who makes her voice heard: this nightingale is always present in the heart of the people who love her and who always listen to her sweet hiss with affection: her melody is enchanting. This nightingale has a name that will be never fade from our heart: CéLINE , remember that we are your second family.
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