Intervista da Parkinson

C= Celine P = Pakinson (the interviewer) G1 = Guest 1 G2 = Guest 2
C: Thank you so much! Thank you! How are you? Thank you!

P: So that was an older song, I love that song, great song!
C: I love that song too! These are the types of songs that we listen to at home. An Etta James version, I just love it! I just had to put it on the album!

P: And you've got a lovely version too on your album, I really love it, called 'Nature boy', the old Nat King Cole number.
C: Oh yeah, it's one of my favourites! It's very nice to meet you!

P: And you too, eventually, because we kind of criss-crossed each-other in our various careers. Tell me, you had two years off..
C: I did, it went so quick, oh, time flies, but I've done great things, I have met life for the first time…

P: In what sense?
C: In what sense? That for twenty-something years, I was a little bit like an athlete. I was living for my voice, to be honest with you, I was training every day, I was vocal exercising all the time, no dairy products because it gives too much mucus too the voice, a scarf all the time, worrying about the voice all time. And then on those two years off, I was with my family and my friends, I played golf. I didn't only get to know my manager better, but my husband much better. Something happened almost three years ago, unfortunately, to my husband, he got ill, he got diagnosed with cancer. So, but you know some times, when life gives you things like this, you have no choice, life said, you're going to be sick. But when something like this happens, something positive has got to come out of it, if I may say. And we met each other, and we had a wonderful time and a miracle happened to us, we tried for 6 years to have a baby, and it happened. So time flew, I am a mammy now, I'm telling you, the wind beneath my wings (waves her arms), I just love it! You know, it's kind of, priorities change, and it's great to sing, it's great to train, vocal exercise and all that, it's great, but you know, to be a mammy and be home… Let's put it that way: I don't pay as much attention to the technique, to this athlete, and we are looking for that note and looking for that song and hold it (sings 'hmmmmmmmmm') and like, all the time. You know what I mean? It's like, today it's like, I want to take it as it comes. Yesterday happened, we can't change it. Tomorrow, we don't know. Today, let's make the best of today.

P: Did you think you might never have a child?
C: I thought of it, I always wanted to remain positive, but yes sir, I thought of it, like it may be not possible. Once you are very lucky, I have a wonderful foundation, I have 13 brothers and sisters, I think I have an amazing career, I found a man that loves me so much, that I love very much too, and sometimes I say: 'I don't wanna push my luck too much, but fortunately for us, it did happen.

P: Coming from a large family like you did, would you liked a large family, 14 perhaps?
C: Oh, I would have loved to have 14 like my parents! But you see, I am a little too late. You know, I have so much respect for my parents and my mother decided to give her life, she gave her life and she forgot her dreams to give her life to us, she raised 14 children, which is like, it's a whole life.

P: She was a catholic, of course.
C: You bet she was a catholic!

P: She once went to the priest and said: "Look, you know, can I…"
C: She said to the priest, like: I'm gonna have children if I wánt to have children, whenever I decide. And he said to her: You're not gonna to be coming to the church anymore, bad girl, and so, anyway, but that's an other story.

P: Celine, there are 14, you are the youngest, you were obviously kind of afterthought, you were timed at the end, weren't you?
C: Me I am the accident of the family. My mother had 13 and she said: When they start school, they had twins, Paul and Pauline, they're gonna start school, and finally I'm gonna make my own money, I'm gonna go out there and meet my friends, I'm gonna have a life for once. The kids started school and she found out she was pregnant, she was 41 years old, poor mother, I felt for her. But thanks, I am happy to be here, I'm very happy, thanks mam!

P: Was it a poor family, were you poverished?
C: Let's put it that way: we never had money, but we were never poor. We had lots of love and lots of food on the table. Music and love, what else.

P: It was a musical family, wasn't it?
C: My 13 brothers and sisters they are all playing instruments, they all sing. My both parents, my dad plays accordion, my mum violin, they used to have a group. But yeah, why me? I don't know. I still think about it, but I do it for all of them.

P: When did you start singing, when was your first…
C: On the kitchen table, I was about 5 years old. I knew I wanted to be a singer, I was 5. And then I did my first record, I met René, my manager I was 12, I was 12 years old and, thirty…, oh God, a long time… I met him and them married him, and…

P: But you could never imagine what was going to happen, how you're career would have taken of..
C: No, of course not.

P: Your mother was very supportive, in a sense, you're mother became you're first manager didn't she, she mastered you career.
C: My mother was my first manager and she said to me: Celine, I want you to sing. But I want you to do it professionally with your own songs. My mother, out of the blues (she really said 'Out of the blues, instead of 'out of the blue'!), because, my mother didn't go to school much, she was working and she was raising the children and all that, and out of the blues, she came one day and she said: "I wrote you a song". I am like: You, mum, you barely can't write, you wrote me a song? My mother is my idol. She raised 14 children, she has got the soul of an artist, she is an incredible mother, she gave her everything to us, she wrote my first song, she travelled with me until I was 18 years old, she is my protector. And she is the person I look up to, and she is my favourite person in the world, she really is.

P: So, when did you first understand that you have got a remarkable voice, a voice out of the ordinary, a voice that could actually make the records that you're making…
C: I still don't understand. I don't really pay attention to this. What I like, of course I love to sing and I think I am blessed, I think I was given an instrument and I'm trying to make the best out of it, but I don't really think about , oh I have a voice, and then... I really, when I go on stage, this is like, it becomes my home. And I remember one thing… Because, when you grew up with 13 brothers and sisters, you sing on the kitchen-table or in your living room. So when you do it on stage and you sing for an audience, it's the same thing, for me tonight you're my brothers and sisters. It is, my manager told…

P: You always had a big audience…
C: That's what he told me, he said: Celine, when you perform for the crowd, you imagine that you are in your living room and you perform for your family. So the stage for me is my home, and the crowd is my family. So I don't think about oh, am I lucky, I have a voice. No, I am like am I lucky, I feel like I'm home and I just love to enter peoples lives with my music, I'm fortunate.

P: What have been that you had trouble with the voice, all singers do have trouble with the voice, and untrained singers, you were in a sense of roar, talented singer, but without any professional training, you can do grievous damage to your voice, can't you?
C: Actually, many years ago I just started to sing and I was on stage and I was on tour, I think it was on my second or third tour, and I was doing some vocal exercise but I was not training properly and I was not doing it right. And finally to make a long story short, I stared the show that night, it was in the proms of Quebec and I started to sing the song and then there was a solo-guitar and I left the stage, I couldn't sing, I couldn't talk. And I started to cry and I said: "I can't believe, those people, they have paid, they came here tonight and I can't sing for them and this is not fair, I can't do this to them. And I couldn't come back on stage so René came and said: "We apologise, we're gonna give you your money back of course or when we come back you can come, whatever you want to do, we give you your money back or, anything you want. And the people stood up and I could hear all the benches ('plop, plop, plop, plop') and they started to sing for me that night. And I started to cry, it was a very, a love affair, it was really beautiful. And then I went to see a teacher and a coach and a doctor in New York, and this wonderful man said to me, he said: "You know, you're gonna have to stop talking for three weeks, if you want to…". (Audience laughs)
C: It was my husbands favourite vacation. He loved it! Yep, it happened to me, I lost my voice on stage, but since then I have been training, and it's fine. So far so good, knock on wood…

P: So, now you're mentioning that you are changing kind of focus now, you're not have been touring as much…
C: No, you see, I have done a lot of touring, which I enjoy, not like very much, but I enjoy to be on stage, so obviously I love to tour. But I have to tell you, 2 years ago I was in Vegas just before I took the break. And I saw an incredible show, maybe you saw the show 'O' from The Cirque de Soleil. The Show 'O'. When I saw that show, in a way it changed my life and I said to René: "I want that show, I want a show like that!" and he said: "Yeah, right!", but I said: "No, no, I'm serious, I want a show like that", and he said: "Celine, I'd love you to…". Anyway, after the show, I went backstage and I met every performer and I said: "You know what, you've changed my life. My perspective of seeing performances, I wanna do a show like that". And the magician behind this whole show is Franco Dragone, who put this whole magical thing behind it and he was touched by the fact I went to see those artists backstage and he wrote me a letter and said: I love to work with you some day. So we kept in touch and we met and he has been working on my show for a year but the only thing is, to have a show like this, it's obviously, everything is so big, it's impossible, technically impossible to travel around the world with it. So the only compromise is, I will have to base some place and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas were capable and interested to build a theatre called the Coliseum, it's a 4000-seater for us to do our new show. So that's gonna be my new home, for three years. For three years I'm gonna be performing. Because, you know, I wanted to give to my fans, not only one song after another, but I wanted to come on stage, there's gonna be 70 performers with me. And I wanted to have a visual experience, so every song is gonna will become like a visual experience, so the only thing is, I have to base there, and I'm gonna start March 2 or 3, I hope you can come!

P: Is Siegfried and Roy still on there, in Vegas?
C: They are still there…

P: The are still there, 35 years, you could end up by that Celine…
C: That's right!

P: Silly question, but my wife would like to know…
C: There are no silly questions…

P: How many pairs of shoes do you have?
C: Oooooh…

P: How many?
C: Hundreds, I have a lot of shoes, I love those.

P: Would it be your point of view that most of us could sing if we really tried? I am asking you because mister Havens there, he made a record in the 60's. He was a long-haired hippy in the 60's!
G1: A hooray-hippy!
C: What about a duet?
G1: No, no! Oh, no!
G2: Why don't you do the Titanic-thing?
G1: But I'd love to be able to sing, it's completely naturally, it seems like you do it without any… But now that I've heard that you train all the time it's not quite as easy as I thought…
C: I don't, to be honest with you, since I have had the bay and I had those two years of an I met life. I don't go as crazy with my technique-thing. You know, I do have dairy products. Once in a while I may taste wine here. I enjoy my life a little more than concentration on the technique.
C: Do you sing?

P: Noooo,

P: I once made a record…
C: You did?

P: I did! 'As time goes by' on the A-side. On the B-side was 'Beer is best'. And it was published by 'Oblivian Record'. Anybody who can sing, I mean, you're envied by everybody else who can't sing. We all would love to sing like you!
C: But you know what, no matter how you sing, in the shower, in your living room, isn't that great to be able to sing?

P: What I wanted to ask you, golf… (…) You have now got your own golf-course!
C: Yeah, I love golf, do you play golf, I am crazy about golf! I started to play golf about, I would say, 4 years ago. And I wanted to do something with my husband and I wanted to do a sport with him an I said: "Ok, let me try". And the first time that I hit the ball and it went, not too far, but it went and I had contact with it… It was like good food, oeh, the sound (claps her hands), it was so beautiful. I loved it, I loved it, I love that sound and I'm telling you, I didn't play too much for the last 2 years. But I just started again about a couple of weeks ago and I just love the game. I beat my husband a couple of times. No strokes!

P: I've got news for you: my wife beats me every time she plays with me…
C: She does?

P: She's a 19-handicap, you are a 19-handicap…
C: I am a 19 handicap too, I've got to play with your wife! You've gotta sing for me and I've gotta play with her!

P: Well thank you very much indeed for being my guest and singing tonight on the show, and all the best on the album, it's a lovely album!
C: I love singing for you, thank you for the warm welcome and it was very nice to meet you…

P: And we should come to see you in Las Vegas!
C: I do hope you come! Thank you so much!

[Fonte: Rhapsodion - Estevam]