This section contains the tales of the fans who have seen Céline from close up, during the concerts, in the backstage, in the street, etc...
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The life of a fan
Céline at Stade de France
I must admit that till 1996 I knew Céline Dion just as one of the artists introduced by DJs on the radios.
During that year I was working (in fact, I'm still working) in the computer room of the Italian branch of Société Générale, a French bank... I specify this because the "contact" with Paris has helped me in the search of the items related to Céline. [Continuation]
Raffaele Capuano
A special encounter
Hi everybody! My name's Sara and since I didn't know what to do, I wrote the singular story which has permit me to know Céline. [Continuation]
Sara Nightingale
A not so close encounter
Hi boys and girls! As I have written in the title, mine is not a real encounter. I mean: toward the end of 1997 the motion picture "TITANIC" has been released. [Continuation]
Behind "Delle Vittorie" Theatre
Céline signs autographs
There I am, fearless. just out the "Fantastico" studio (an Italian TV show), waiting since 19:00 for the main guest (in my opinion) of the programme: Céline Dion!!!!
I had a few hopes to see her from close up, knowing her colossal bodyguard... [Continuation]
Tales of concerts of the "Let's talk about love" tour:
Official picture of Let's talk about love tour
Céline during a concert I have known Céline for a short time, a very short time if we consider that I'm only 17, and I regret a lot for this. [Continuation]

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