Céline AND Karine

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Karine and Céline
Dear friends,
when you listen to my songs on the radio, when you see me on television, when the newspapers tell you that I have won some prizes or they say that I'm coming back from Japan, Germany or France, you'll think: "What a lucky girl!".
You're right, I consider myself very lucky for living so wonderful times. However, I'd be so lucky if they discover, one day, the cure to recover my niece Karine from the disease she suffers for: the cystic fibrosis .
Karine does the best she can to fight her disease, I wish to help her, but I can't do nothing all alone, I need you, I need your generosity; the research is the only hope.

Céline Dion.

Karine and Céline 3 May 1993...
On 3 May 1993, a month after the last concert that Karine has seen in the front row (with a doctor aside to check the oxygen for her serious health condition), Céline came back in a great hurry from London, Karine was at the point of death. Before going to the hospital, she went to her house at  Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs to take a shower and to change her dress, and then she rushed to the hospital at Sainte-Justine.
The dedication of Céline...

Since 1982 Céline has been distinguishing herself for the dedication in the fund-raising to fund the research against this terrible disease.

  • 1982: Céline accept the role of "Marainne" or Patron of the "Association quèbècoise de la fibrose kystique" (AQFK).

  • 1983: Accompanied by the "Orchestra Metropolitan du Grand-Montreal", Céline perform in her first benefit concert as soloist at "Place Des Arts" in Montrèal.
Karine and Céline

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