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The dress no... the dress yes!

[Anecdote told by Céline during the Julie Snyder programme (autumn 1997) 
and the during Jay Leno programme (16 December 1997)]

A few days before the first night of the Oscar 1997, when she'll sing 'Because you loved me', one of the five candidate songs, Céline has to choose the dress.

Dress for the night of the Oscar 1997 Of course, the choice is wide, but there's a particular to strike her at first sight: a dress with a wide opening.
A little hesitating, she shows to René the pictures of the suggested dresses. "In fact, I had already decided!", she tells to Julie Snyder.
"Of course, I pushed to receive his approval, but he were very perplexed; in fact, the model who dressed it had a big... breast...", she goes on with the tale, miming the size of the breast, but then she thought over ".... she had the breast!", ironically showing that she hasn't it.

"....Of course, since the opening was deep, it seemed audacious. But I liked it too much and I was sure that I could dress it, even if René didn't agree. On the contrary, he told me perplexed: "I can't believe that a girl like you, with your experience, could think to dress it! If you'll dress it, your career is finished!", Céline says, miming the face of René.

"Disappointed and depressed, I came back in my room, not understanding the reason why I couldn't dress low-necked dresses. Meantime, as the dress was in my room, I decided to dress it and I went towards René, who said: "Ohiohiohi!!! Here is the right dress, this one is perfect... not like the other one!!!!".
"To say that I wanted to choke him is an understatement. My love...", I told him enraged, showing the picture, "... This is the same dress!". And René, looking at the picture: "... no, it's not the same!". "... It's the same dress... only the breast is different!!!!"

The daisy and its petals

[Anecdote told by Céline during Julie Snyder programme (10 March 2000)
Céline and G.H. Germain taken from the official biography "Céline" by G.H. Germain]

"During the first days of work together, I don't see René very often; he is always at the telephone, fax, etc., and I'm out for interviews, photo session.... I pay attention to René... I'm in the habit of telling him: "René, try not to eat too much!", but, usually, there's nothing to do.

An similar anecdote, begun in a nice way and finished almost in tragedy, happened some time ago, on 29 April 1992, in L. A.

After a day spent separately due to job reasons, we met at the hotel where we stayed.
In fact, he had already dinner at the M. Tyson favourite restaurant, a place with a lot of spicy sauce and high-calory concoction. On the contrary, since I didn't know that, I was waiting him for a tête-à-tête dinner.
I saw him coming, a little tired, and I told him: "Hello, my dear, how are you? Let's order... I want..." and I begun to list some dishes but, when it was his turn, he said "... no, I'd like just a salad!!!".
Very surprised, I looked at him... I was not accustomed in listening from him this kind of sentences, and I asked him: "Why?", and he answered: "I want to try to pay attention..." and I sat down and began to eat. I looked at him out of the corner of my eyes and I saw him to have difficulty to eat also the salad. For dessert, I ordered a banana split whipped with peanuts. I asked him: "Do you want it? Come on!". I knew that he was crazy for it, but he was still trying to eat the salad.

The next day, in the evening, we should leave for N. Y., but we spent all the day on the border of the pool: I was strewn with sun tan oil and he was surrounded, as usual, by telephones. After a while, he told me that he preferred to went into the room because he felt too much hot.

After a while, I had a strange doubt. I was thinking about him, aside, while he was hardly breathing. I went into the room and I found him bent on the bed, and he was hardly breathing. It was the day of his first heart attack.

I didn't panic and called the reception to say what was happening.

I took some things and I take René to the elevator. I saw him slowly slumping and I told him: "Don't worry, it's alright". I undid his belt, but the elevator seemed not to come. When the doors opened, we found a wheelchair for him and we went to the Cedars Sinai First Aid that, luckily, was nearby.

Once we came there, they told me that I had to wait, that I couldn't go with him and not to worry because he was in good hands. I sit down, and only in that moment, looking the glances of the people, I realized that I dressed the bathing costume, with the sun tal oil. In that moment I let myself go and I began trembling as I felt cold, but the hotel director was very kind and he gave me all the help I needed. 
When I saw René, he asked me to call her family, his ex-wife and his sons to communicate a kind of phone will.

Then he recovered, but not enough to leave the hospital. I had to sing and I would renounced the concert, but he wanted I went. He heard the concert by telephone. 
Some weeks later, the journalist Michèle Coudé-Lor came and told me: "You might have lost a second father". And I told her: " No, not at all! My father is my father, I have just one! He protects me, he encourages me, he loves me and I love him. René is my heart. He makes it beat!".

For the first time, in this almost clear way, Céline told in public about René as the man she loved. She added that she trust in the capability of the people to respect her private life: "I have a precious treasure who belongs to me. I want to share everything else. But not him!".
"This experience marked me and made me to mature. I had never doubted the love I felt for René, but in those days I realized how much it was big. I know that I will die little by little because I risk to see die all the persons I love. I'm the youngest one. I risk to lose them one by one. I will be like a daisy that has shed petals. These persons are my petals...."

Think Twice

[Anecdote taken from the biography “Céline” by G.H.Germain]

During October 1993, the single "Think twice" has been released, hopelessly. 

Cover of the single On 16th October it was at #53, the next week it was #42. The day on which the responsible of Sony, P. Burger, had the flight to go to the marriage of Céline and René it was at #8 and the album "The Colour Of My Love" was at #97.
René, even if he didn't believe that the song could go at the first place, bet some pounds. During the holidays, the song was #5, the video has been broadcasted three times at the most important English programme, "Top of the pops". At the beginning of January, the song was at #2. Céline and René were on honeymoon in their house in Palm Beach, bought a year before, relaxing with golf and shopping, getting brown and thinking about the future and about a new house on Jupiter Island.

It was a Monday, while René was looking at the Superbowl and Céline was cooking the "bolognese" gravy, when Paul Burges called. Sony succeeded in obtaining that Céline could sing live at the programme "Top of the pops". An unexpected occasion, a very important promotional opportunity. Paul was high-spirited. René answered that they were on honeymoon and that they promised each other to do nothing for a month, and for this reason, Céline couldn't take part in "Top of the pops". Paul was embarrassed, he apologized but he tried to persuade them: "We give you a jet of Sony, you'll leave on Tuesday at West Palm Beach airport, you'll go directly to London, or to N. Y., where you can take the Concorde... you'll be back on Friday night. Less then 48 hours". René refused once again, promising the presence of Céline the next month, but the next month it will be too late, and he knew that. Céline, who was hearing the conversation, understood and told to René: "I think that our friend is very sorry for this event. It should be a sin if tomorrow Paul Burger will say that if it doesn't work in England is our fault. We have been doing the right thing for ten years, till today we haven't got wrong the time! Call him back and tell him to send us his jet."

Céline was at "Top of the pops" on 19 January 1995. The next Monday "Think Twice" was still at #2, but the surprise came from "The Colour Of My Love", that went, incredibly, at first place. Céline broke a record: she became first both in the single chart and album chart for 5 weeks in a row. The previous record belonged to The Beatles!

The first kiss

[Anecdote taken from the biography "Céline" by G.H.Germain]

Céline with the first prize of Eurovision (1988) G.H. Germain, with regard to the achievement of the Eurovision award on 30 April 1988 with "Ne partez pas sans moi".

... As usual, René took Céline in her room and he spoke about the evening they spent together, about what he has seen, felt.
She was on the head of the bed, with the legs bent under the cover, happy to be alone with the man she loved. She could stay all nigth long listening to him, and the next day, forever.
Her mother, her brothers and sisters already knew that she was in love with him. But did he know that?

René was sitting on the bed, without saying a word. Céline was looking at him. Then he got up slowly and went to the door... Each night, from the first tournée they did together on, in the winter of 1985, he used to kiss her on both the cheeks and wished her a good night. The same it happened when they went to Paris, to record, or to Toronto, for the Junos Awards. On the contrary, that winning night, he was going always without giving her a kiss. He had already opened the door, smiling. Céline came closer, and with the eyes low, told him: "You haven't kissed me, René Angelil".
He didn't understand what it was happening even if he has been thinking about that situation for some weeks.. he imagined it 100 times. He bent on her and he kissed her on the lips, on the neck, hugging her. Then, suddenly, he came back and went out the room. She stayed dumbfounded, with the heart palpitating.

And she remembers: "If you don't come to me, I'll go to knock at your door"... next day, 1st may 1988, during the triumphal press conference, a journalist asked to René how he was imaging his career. He answered: "My career is Céline! With her I realized my dream. You could give 10 millions but I will not change." And Céline adds: "He has been right for seven years.... I trust him. I can tell him everything, confide him everything. We share the same dream".
They shared, by now, the same bed as well...

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