Edited by Valentina

(Taken from the tour program of "Let's talk about love")

1st part

  • Which is your idea of absolute happiness?
    To love and to be loved.
  • Which is your most important undertaking?
    To have married the man I love.
  • Which is your most overrated virtue?
    The tolerance.
  • Which is the person you admire most?
    My mother.
  • Which is your greatest eccentricity?
    My queer shopping.
  • Which is the part of your body you don't like?
    My nose.
  • Which words or sentences you say most?
  • Which is your greatest regrets?
    I try to have hopes instead of regrets.
  • What or who is the greatest love of the life?
    My husband.
  • Where and when have you been happy more than ever?
    Probably on the wedding day.
  • Which is your favourite journey?
    The one which leads me home.
  • Which is your greatest treasure?
    My family.
  • Which is the thing you see that give you most pain?
    The suffering children.
  • Which is your favourite hobby?
    To play golf.
  • Which is your greatest peculiarity?
    Sense of humor, I like laughing.
  • Which is the most important peculiarity of your friends?
    Sincerity and humor.
  • Which is your favourite hero?
  • Which are your heroes in your real life?
    My parents.
  • Which is the thing that bothers you most?
    The violence.
  • How do you wish to die?
  • If you could choose to came back, who would you like to be?
    Again as I am.
  • Which is your motto?
    "All the way".

2nd part

  • The greatest feature of my nature:
    the tenaciousness.
  • The quality of  the men that I desire:
    the sincerity.
  • The quality of the women that I prefer:
    the generosity.
  • The thing that I appreciate most in my friends:
    their disinterestedness and sense of humor.
  • My worse fault:
    I'm touchy and I've a very bad disposition in the morning.
  • My favourite occupation:
    to play golf.
  • My dream of happiness:
    to have a child.
  • Which would be my biggest misfortune:
    to lose the persons I love.
  • What I'd like to be:
    a mother.
  • The country where I'd desire to live most:
    my country.
  • My favourite colour:
  • The flower I like:
    The gardenia.
  • My favourite birds:
    Les oiseaux du bonheur.
  • My favourite hero in the fiction:
  • My favourite composers:
    Those who write for me and Mozart, Chopin, Bach.
  • My favourite painters:
    Monet and Sisley.
  • My heroes in the real life:
    my parents.
  • My favourite names:
    "Mon amour" (My love) and "Ma Pitchounette".
  • What I hate most:
    the violence.
  • The peculiarity that I despise most:
  • The natural gift I'd like to have:
    to be a healer.
  • How I'd like to die:
  • My current mood:
    I'm in love.
  • The mistakes that inspire me indulgence:
    the spelling mistakes.
  • My motto:
    "Till the end".

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