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Celine Dion was born in Charlemagne, in the suburbs of Montréal (Québec), on 30 March 1968, at 12:30; she weighed a little more than 3 Kilograms.
Her parents, Adhèmar Dion (2 March 1923 - 31 November 2003) and Thérèse Tanguay (20 March 1927) got married on 20 June 1945 and they gave birth to 13 sons: Denise, Clément

Claudette, Liette, Michel, Louise, Jacques, Daniel, Ghislaine, Linda , Manon and the twins Paul and Pauline that in their project should have been the last ones of the Dion dynasty.
On the contrary, after six year she was born, "the incident of the family", as Céline often tells, who has been named after the song "Céline" by Hughes Aufray, that the mother used to hear often during the pregnancy.


At 5, after having sung with success "Du fils, des aiguilles et du coton" and "Mamy Blue" at the marriage of her brother Michel celebrated on 18 August 1973, she decided to become a singer and since that day she has been repeating it more often to her mother and to her large family where the music reigns.

Her music influences was various; in Dion home they listened to Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, The Doors, Barbra Streisand, without living out the pop music and the most important singer in Québec, Ginette Reno. Céline loved to listen to her siblings playing and singing, and often she fell a sleep on the benches of the place where they used to perform.

At school, she was an inattentive little girl, unwilling, often absent, and this condition made they had doubts about a possible ill-treatment at home. For this reason, they sent to Dion home a social worker, but her inspection had negative results. The "illness" of Céline was "music": she loved anything else than music and this was the only reason why she was absent and dreamy during the lessons.

Her first live performances were at "Le vieux Baril", owned by Dions and where other members of the family already used to perform under the name of "A. Dion et son ensamble". Other members formed another group called "D si D", of which Céline followed artistic vicissitudeds as a dogged fan. Then, her brother Michel formed another group, "The Show", that had fairly good success.

The real beginning of the Céline experience in the music world happened on 1981, when in the kitchen of the house, her mother Thérèse and one of her son, Jacques, wrote the first original song for Céline, "Ce n'était qu'un reve". The song, and other two ones, was recorded in some way on a tape and then sent to René Angélil (16 January 1942), who once was the manager of Ginette Reno. Ginette Reno, a kind of institution in Québec, dismissed him to replace him with her future husband, and Angélil, close to the failure of his production company, was preparing to close his company and to start again law studies. After some days, since they haven't received a reply, Michel decided to call Angélil. He explained that they had sent a tape and that surely he hadn't listen to it because otherwise he should called him immediately. René answered that actually he hadn't heartd the tape and that he should listen to it as soon as possible.

After some hesitations, in the silence of his office, he listened the demo and he was dazzled by it; incredulous for the age of the singer, 12 years, decided to call her in his office in the afternoon of the same day. Céline and her mother went to Angélil office and without wasting time, he asked her to sing. A little shy, she answered that she usually sang with a microphone and in public; then he held out the pen he had in his breast pocket and he told her to imagine to sing at Place des Arts, the biggest concert hall in Québec.

After a few seconds, that embarrassed and wavering little girl began to sing "Ce n'était qu'un reve" with a disarming control; she sang as there was a true audience in front of her, taking the breath of René away who was crying for the emotion. "I can tell you that within five years, your daughter will be a star in Québec and in France", he said to the mother of Céline, recovering the enthusiasm he had lost after the vicissitude with Ginette. René was a gambler and he felt to have a winning card in his hands and then he decided to do things in style; he called Eddy Marnay, one of the most important songs writer and he made him listen to Céline. Also Eddy Marnay remained amazed by the emotion that her voice transmitted and almost at one go he wrote her a song, "La voix du bon Dieu", and began to write other ones.

Meanwhile, Angélil called his acquaintances, and on 19 June 1981, in the programme of the famous Canadian host Michel Jasmin, Céline made her first TV apparition. On the same day, the single "Ce n'était qu'un reve" has been released.
During the summer of 1981, Céline sang at the Olympic stadium of Montréal, several times, the national anthems of Canada and US. before some baseball matches.
While the "petite québecoise" ("little Quebecer") began to receive consents, René continued to work on project after project. He asked to Eddy Marnay to write, at the same time, both the songs that he was writing and some songs for a Christmas album. To do that, he needed money that nobody wanted to advance to produce a twelve years old girl. Then René mortgaged the house where he was living with her second wife, Anne-Renée, and their sons, Jean-Pierre (23 March 1974) and Anne-Marie (12 June 1977). His firstborn, Patrick (28 January 1968) was living with his first wife, Denise.

La voix du bon Dieu On 9th November, with a launching fit for a great star, her first album has been released, "La voix du bon Dieu" consisting of nine songs entirely written by Eddy Marnay.

Céline Dion chante Noel After three weeks, also "Céline Dion chante Noel" has been released. Both the album sold several hundreds of copies and the name of Céline began to be well-known in Québec.

Tellement j'ai d'amour Her third album "Tellement j'ai d'amour" , consisting of nine songs, has been released in the fall of 1982. The main song of the album, "Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi" has been chosen to take part in the 13rd Yamaha International Festival in Tokyo, representing France. Céline overcame the competition of other 30 finalists and in front of 12.000 persons present in the hall and 115 millions watching the television, she won the gold medal. Moreover, the orchestra, consisting of 58 elements, impressed by her performance, gave her a special award: the prize of the musicians. 
In January 1983, Céline represented Canada at Super Gala RTL inside the MIDEM Cannes Festival and she triumphed with "D'amour où D'amitié". At that performance a young and unknown author was present, J.J. Goldman. After the victory at Super Gala RTL, she took part in the most important French programme, "Champs Elysées"; its host, Michel Drucker, then became her adviser in French. Once she come back home, Céline performed live several times and every time it was a triumph, people remained amazed by her powerful voice and by her way to managed it.

Du soleil au coeur In French, "Du soleil au coeur" has been released: it's a collage of her first three Canadian albums and it was an immediate success! With "D'amour où D'amitié", she was the first Canadian artist to win a gold record in French, with more than 700.000 copies sold!

Chants et Contes de Noel 1983 has been an year full of releases!
First of all, the second Christmas album "Chants et Contes de Noel" with seven songs, among them "Un enfant", song written by J. Brel, three songs of the first Xmas album and three new songs. The long series of awards began; on 7th September Michel Jasmin gave her two gold records: the first for the sale of 100.000 copies of "Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi" in Québec, and the other one for the sale of "50.000" copies of "D'amour où D'amitié" in Québec and in French.

Les chemins de ma maison On the same day, the fourth album, "Les chemins de ma maison" , has been released at the same time both in Paris and in Montréal, consisting of ten songs.
The year ended with a triumph, with the winning of four 4 Felix Awards. At the beginning of 1984 Céline followed a course of German language at Berlitz to record the German versions of "D'amour où D'amitié" and "Mon ami m'a quittèe". Unfortunately, the operation hadn't the success that they hoped for. They were preparing a new album, written by Eddy Marnay who was living by then in a kind of symbiosis with Céline of who he wanted to understand the thoughts and the emotions to write her some songs that she could feel and that they could represent them.
Céline, from her side, was living the critical period of adolescence; she didn't like herself, she flirted, with no conviction, with a certain Silvayn, but her life was to sing... it was the only thing that made her feel happy and beautiful! Very soon, she said goodbye to Silvayn to concentrate only and exclusively on her career.

At the end of August, Mélanie has been released, and before December it was already gold record.
She won two Felix Awards with "Les chemins de ma maison".
Céline and the Pope She has been selected to represent the Canadian youth for the coming of the Pope at the Olympic stadium and she sang "Une Colombe" in front of the Holy Father and of 65.000 contemporaries earning an ovation fit for a big star.
Her participation at the first part of the show of P. Sebastien from 6th November to 9th December at Olympia (Paris), was part of the strategy to conquer France. Even if she didn't earn a great success, she received a good criticism and she got experience. 

Les oiseaux du bonheur In France a new album has been released, Les oiseaux du bonheur , with 10 songs. They are an umpteenth selection of her songs published in Québec and three new songs: "Paul et Virginie", "Les oiseaux du bonheur" and "L'Hymne à l'amitié".

Les plus grands succès de Céline Dion Céline was precious in everything she did! She was just 16 when her first greatest hits has been released, Les plus grands succès de Céline Dion ; Celine and Karine a part of the sales proceeds was destined to the Research Association for Cystic Fribosis, of which Céline was (and she still is) patroness, living closely to the drama of this terrible genetics illness of which her niece Karine, daughter of Liette, has been suffering since her birth.  

René continued to invest very much on Céline, he really believed in her and in her possibilities and the facts said he was right.
Mélanie was certified platinum record with 100.000 copies.
In January she began a tour Québec, with 36 show in 25 towns, a real "tour de force" which forced René to stay far from home for long periods; this had devastating effect on the life as a couple. In fact, in February, Anne-Renée left home, leaving him alone with the two children: for him, it was a real blow to his pride. Meanwhile, the success of the "little star" didn't end; in that year, Céline won 5 Felix Awards with the album called "Mélanie", she established, with René, a production company, "Les Feelings productions Inc.", sang three nights in a row (31st May, 1st and 2nd June) at Place des Arts with a huge success and three "SOLD OUT" in a row!!!
Things between René and Anne-Renée seemed to go better; in fact, she came back home, even if the life as a couple by then was unbearable: continual quarrels and arguments brought her to apply for a divorce and to obtain the custody of the children, even if René continued to see them with a certain regularity.
However, René passed through a crisis. Céline's career was booming and a new album, "C'est pour toi", has been released, consisting of ten songs, where Eddy Marnay, guessing her feelings, told about a Céline in love and narrated a new and not requited love, maybe not understood.
That love had a name: René! Céline was madly in love with him and who was close to her was able to see it clearly. However, they thought it was just a short-lived crush, an ancy due to the charisma of the pygmalion, of the middle-aged man.

Céline Dion en concert Taken from the concert at Place des Arts on 31 May 1985, Céline Dion en concert has been released, in which Céline performs some of her greatest hits, some tributes to authors as Felix Leclerc and Michel Legrand, Bizet's Boheme and a pair of English songs.

Opération Beurre de Pinottes (Peanut Butter Solution) Another record has been published: it's the first soundtrack of her career, Opération Beurre de Pinottes (Peanut Butter Solution) . The songs were almost unnoticed, even if from the first song "Listen to a magic man" it has been taken the first video clip in Céline career. Everything seemed to do well, but René, troubled by family vicissitudes and by that little girl he was feeling something for, decided to give her a sabbatical year, and went to Las Vegas with his friends of Black Jack. 

Céline took advantage of this long period to arrange her teething and to renew her "poor and maltreated girl" look, as described by Céline. Moreover, she used to study English at Berlitz from 9:00 to 17:00 during an intensive course. During this period a fundamental stage of her career happened: the passage from  TBS to CBS, then Sony Music, for which she recorded a new album in February.

Incognito On 2 April 1987 Incognito has been published, with authors as the usual Eddy Marnay, Luc Plamandon and Isa Minoke. The album was consisting of 8 songs and it was published in different versions, depending on the market. In this album Céline was more aggressive and sang a less platonic love, full of passion, wanted at all costs. 
Also her look was completely changed compared with her previous apparition: she was an adolescent who began to know what she wanted from her life.
1988 began with a long tour in Québec, with 42 shows in a row at St. Denis theater!
Céline has been called to represent Switzerland at 33rd edition of Eurofestival with the song "Ne partez pas sans moi".

The cover of the single Ne partez pas sans moi The festival took place in Dublin on 30 April 1988, Céline sang "Ne partez pas sans moi" and won the competition of the other finalists and won the prize for the first place with 137 votes against 136 votes of the second place, a triumph wet by the ritual tears.
On the same evening, Céline and René, after thousands of hesitations from René, declared themselves their mutual feelings and they fell in love; for her it was a kind of liberation, for him it was the beginning of a period of happiness, but splanged with thousand problems due to the difference of age: 26 years!
The winning song of Eurofestival broke the French records market as well, selling 500.000 copies.

Her popularity in Europe forced Céline travel around the old continent, with a dense calendar of shows that engaged her practically every day till 23rd May, when she came back home where she won other prizes: 4 Felix Awards. Her image of young and winner girl began to interest the Majors, and one of them, Chrysler motors, made her a millionaire contract to advertise their mark.
But Céline and René had a ambitious project: to conquer the English-speaking Canada and the US.! To do this, they entrusted the production of the new album, the first in English, to mythical figures of discography: David Foster, Christopher Neil and Andy Goldman.
During the first months of the year, they moved to Los Angeles, at the Malibu Inn and in March Céline recorded, at Chartmaker Studio, the first song: "Love by another name". A lot of renowned personalities, producers, experts of discography came to see her while she was recording and they remained impressed by her skill, not in accordance with her age and by her easiness to perform different kind songs.
During this period, she recorded some duets as well: "Can't live with you can't live without you" with B. N. Davies and "Whishful Thinking" with Dan Hill.
Both the songs haven't been published in her album, but in albums of the two singers.
In summer she went to London to record "Where does my heart beat now", produced by C. Neil who remained amazed by the speed and the skill of Céline, who recorded the song in only half-hour.
According to the ritual, on 6th May 1989 Céline gave the prize for the first place at 34th Eurofestival and on the night she sang for the first time an English song, "Have a heart", English version of "Partout je te vois" taken from "Incognito".

Unison 1990 was the year of the English bet of the "petite Québecoise" ("little Quebecer").
On 2 April 1990 at Metropolis in Montréal she launched " Unison ", a record consisting of 10 English songs. Céline had a more aggressive look, further renewed compared with the period of "Lolita".
The album had a huge success, reaching the first places of the Billboard chart with the single "Where does my heart beat now" and it gave to Céline the chance to take part for the first time at a US tv show, on 21 August 1990, at Tonight show.
But it was also a year full of polemics for the refusal, during the ceremony of  Felix Awards, to receive the prize as the first English singer. Céline declared to be a French artist who sang in English. The polemics broke out for the hoary problem of the demand of independence of Québec from Canada, and for this reason the supporting of independence tried to take advantage of this taking sides, while the opposite party found fault with her act. After a moment of confusion, the matter came to nothing, however in certain sense Céline won considering that the category has been replaced with another one, actually more consonant.

But the worst day for Céline and for her entourage is without doubt May 18th, when she suddenly lost the voice during a concert in Sherbrooke. They feared the worse, they said her career was ended, but the doctor who visited her, the same one of Pavarotti, told her that if she wanted to go on singing, she had to keep three silence weeks and then to start again little by little. "I had no choice! It was not a thing to reflect on! Singing is all my life and so I did it! Three weeks of absolute silence.... and for René it has been the most happy period!", Céline tells when she talk about that event.

After three weeks, she started again to sing with thrift, and from that day on she follows rigid dictates to avoid that the event happens again: absolute silence during the days of break when she is on tour, daily warming-up of the vocal cords depending on the events she must take part in, neither active nor passive smoke and a thousand of little things to be always at her best conditions. With this rigid routine she renounces to every diversions of the show business 

Céline in Des fleurs sur la neige On 7th March the first of four episodes of the mini TV series "Des fleurs sur la neige" has been broadcasted; it was recorded during the previous year and Céline performed a very dramatic part that engaged her physically and psychologically so much that she risked to lose her life due to a car accident. Coming back from the set, Céline felt a sleep while she was driving her car, and went into a ditch, but she survived unharmed

Voices that care In February, she took part, with other artists coordinated by D. Foster, in the project Voices that care to support the troops engaged in the Golf War. The song and the video hadn't success due to end of the war. During the same month, at the American Music Awards, she presented, with Will Smith, in ironical way, the prizegiving of the best Heavy Metal / Hard Rock group. Meanwhile, "Where does my heart beat now" climbed the Billboard chart, going at 4th place.

In 1991 she won two Juno Awards and two Felix Awards, and between 19th May and 4th August she performed live 37 times in 25 different towns in Canada. On 19th June she celebrated her first ten years of her career with a great concert at Montreal Forum. Thanks to the success of "Unison" she began to be wanted by English-speaking Canada as well; in fact, after the performance in front of the Pope, she sang at National Centre of Arts in Ottawa for Prince Charles and Lady Diana; Céline and Diana stopped to talk about fashion and other subjects friendly and nicely. But contingecies in the show business world are always in agenda: W. Jennings and J. Horner were desperately looking for a singer for the song "Dreams to dream", theme of the motion picture produced by S. Spielberg, "Fievel". Other singers refused the song, but not Céline: she loved that song and made a demo and Spielberg liked it. Clearly the singer Linda Ronstadt, after having listened to that demo, changed her mind and "stole" her the song, for the will of Spielberg who liked better her at the beginning.

Céline was depressed, René couldn't rest. A call of Disney solved everything: they wanted that Céline sang, with Peabo Bryson, the theme of their next cartoons: "Beauty and the beast"

Dion chante Plamandon The activity of Céline was frenetic and couldn't admit either any rest or any diversion; in Paris she began the recording of the eight songs of her next album: "Dion chante Plamandon", certified as gold record before the release, on 4th November, thanks to the bookings. In France it's been released as "Des mots qui sonnent" and included two more songs: "Piaf chanterait du Rock" and "Je besoin d'un chum".
The song "Ziggy" had a unprecedented success in France and for a long period remained at the top of the charts.
The climb to success continued inexorably in the US as well: after having presented the American Music Awards in the previous year, Céline performed there attracting positive criticism and the consent of the audience.

Céline Dion Céline and Peabo Bryson The apotheosis happened on 30 March 1992 with the achievement of the Oscar with the song "Beauty and the Beast" and the contemporaneous launch, on the same day, of her second English album Céline Dion consisting of 14 songs written by very important authors as Diane Warren, Prince and Walter Afanasieff.
Céline e René were in seventh heaven: what they were fighting for was within reach. But a tragic event was approaching. On 29th April, whey were in Los Angeles, René had a sudden heart attack; the ready wit of Céline and a lucky star allowed to René to came out with slightest problem, a forced rest. For Céline it was a take of conscience and a confirmation of the love for René.
In the summer Céline took part in the American tour of M. Bolton, 25 shows within a month, opening the concerts and proving to have a great skill on stage, leaving the audience, come to see the star M. Bolton, pleasantly amazed.

Céline was unstoppable, passing from the tour with Bolton to her own one in Québec without a day of rest... a real Stakhanovite!!!
During that year, Céline took part more frequently in US, Canadian and French TV programmes; her popularity became more international. But her privacy troubled her, she didn't bear the weight of the lie, that's the impossibility to say that she was in love. The thing weighed so much that during a Canadian programme, she burst into tears; she was not able to keep the secret and said that she didn't may talk of the man she was in love with, neither the name, because otherwise she could compromised his career. By then, René, who supported the theory of the relation to keep as a secret, was in dire straits and seen Céline suffering from keeping the secret that was falling down.

1993 began with some triumphs: the achievement of the Grammy with "Beauty and the Beast", the call from the White House to sing in honour of the installation of Bill Clinton, the hosting and the achievement of 4 Juno Awards. If her career was quick as a train, also for her privacy a turning point came: on 30th March, her 25th birthday, René gave her the engagement ring and they began to project the marriage. But in the life of Céline, almost to every happy event, a tragic event is linked, and vice versa; in the same year, on 3rd May, Karine died in her arms: she was only 16. This event left its mark and it brought her to intensify her activity as patroness for the association against cystic fribosis.

The colour of my love The third drastic change of her look, that happened in thats year, was due to a hairdresser of the Fifth Avenue in New York: Frédérick Fekkai.
A new haircut, a new album: on 8th November, at Montréal Metropolis, she presented her third English album, The colour of my love . During the long presentation, the press conference with hundreds of guests and ecstatic audience outside, she sang 7 of 15 songs present in the album. It's been the day on which she, finally, made public her love for René and their intention to get married as soon as possible. The so feared reaction of the people was more then positive, applauses and encouragement came from the joyful crowd.

When I fall in love Before the end of the year, she recorded, in duet wit Clive Griffin, the famous "When I fall in love", soundtrack theme of the motion picture "Sleepless in Seattle".
Her engagements multiplied incessantly, by this time nothing could stop her: she was a successful woman, free to speak and to live clearly her love story with René.
"The colour of my love" had an unprecedented success: in February the album was six time platinum record in Canada, with millions of copies sold in the US and Sony decided to release in Europe as well.
Meanwhile, Céline began the umpteenth tour in Québec: 30 concerts in 18 towns, everywhere "sold out" with an increasing enthusiasm of real hordes of fans. From 21st April to 6th May, she was in Japan and sang with the symphonic orchestra of Tokyo directed by David Foster. Her success all over the world permitted her to have another candidature for the Grammy with "When I fall in love! and another summer tour with M. Bolton from 8th June to 27th August; during that tour, on 18th August, Céline and René announced their marriage.

For her way to speak and to entertain the audience with an endless series of anecdotes, she was the favourite guest of the most important TV hosts of the world.
At the end of the summer, "The colour of my love" was 13 times platinum record, platinum record in Korea, Malesia, gold record in France, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, New Zealand. 1.000.000 copies sold in Canada, 2.500.000 in the US. Requests for her live performances came from all over the world, Céline and René chose the European way. The tour began on 27th September in Paris, at the mythical Olympia.

In this occasion, J. J. Goldman invited her in her office and made her listening to 8 songs written by himself specially for Céline; Céline and René remain speechless for the intensity of the lyrics and the beauty of the songs and they decided to break the series of English album with a French album, the recording of which began on 3rd November, at Mega studios in Paris.

Céline Dion at the Olympia The success of Céline was limitless and the CD Céline Dion a L'Olympia was certified platinum record on the day of release, on 24th November.
The other albums continued to get a lot of support: "Unison" was certified six time platinum record, "Céline Dion" seven times platinum record, "Dion chante Plamandon" twice platinum record.

The marriage The year ended with a flourish with the marriage of Céline and René, celebrated at the Notre-Dame basilica in Montréal in front of 500 guests. At the marriage they were present the close relatives of the couple and some of the friends of the show business world, as David Foster and his wife. Finally, Céline realized her dream and went on the altar as she has dreamt with a dress fit for a princess and a really amazing marriage. During their honeymoon, spent with René in their house in Miami, Céline had to take part in "Top of the pops", the most important British TV programme, due to the success of "Think twice".
In UK, the only country not yet pulled down by the "battleship Dion", she broke the record of contemporaneous presence at the first place both in the single and album chart for 5 weeks in a row. The previous record of 4 weeks belonged to the Beatles!

D'Eux Finally, the right moment to launch worldwide the French album came: on 28th May, at 7:30 PM in the "studio #24" of Radio Canada, Céline released on the world market D'Eux , consisting of 12 songs written specially for her by the French author Jean Jacques Goldman. "Pour que tu m'aimes encore" at once became a great hit; the song "Vole" was very striking, written for Karine. The record then became the best seller French album of all time, with more than 8.000.000 copies. It has been released also in US with another title, The French album , earning a good success!!!
On the same day, her first great European tour begans, with 50 concerts within 2 month, in 20 towns and 11 different countries, inside hall which hold from 6.000 to 16.000 persons. A real challenge!

Live à Paris During this tour, on 24th and 25th October, they foreseen the recording of a new live album, but Céline lost her voice and the show of 24 has been canceled. They fear to not respect the time limit, but challenges were petrol for "the nightingale of Québec" and the day after she drew a wonderful performance from which they recorded Live à Paris , that has been released in 1996.
After the thousand awards received by Céline, there weren't yet the State honours that usually are attributed to the prominent personalities of the culture; in January she received the medal of the Knight of Arts and Letters from the Minister of the French Culture.

Falling into you Also this last barrier has pulled down and the "nightingale" flied happy between continents, from an award as the two "Victoires de la musique" in France, to the release of the umpteenth album, Falling into you consisting of 16 songs, released on 12nd March.
For Céline it's been the final consecration worldwide.
The album broke all the records and set new ones: it sold 4 millions copies in 4 days, it remained for 6 weeks at the first place of Billboard chart with the song "Because you loved me", love theme of the motion picture "Up close and personal", and it remained for 19 weeks in the Adult Contemporary Chart!

At the Atlanta Olympic Games The cover of the Time When, on 19th July, at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, she sang wonderfully the song "The power of the dream" in front of 85.000 persons inside the stadium and more then 3 billions persons by satellite all over the world, the prestigious Time dedicated her the cover of the magazine, praising her musical, artistic and personal talent. The title was "The Divas of pop".
The success was huge, the appointments were intense and Céline thought to take a break at the end of the year to rest and to think about a baby.
Before this, a long tour related to "Falling into you" was awaiting her. Due to excessive stress that caused her stomach shooting pains, preventing her to eat anything, she had to stop the tour. After some checks, Céline had to rest for some time, but she couldn't keep still: she canceled three shows in US, but then she set off again, suffering the same pains that prevented her to eat and disturbed sleep and serenity.

René wanted to stop her, he thought it was stupid to suffer this way, but she wanted to go on... she knew that it was worse to keep still. Suddenly, in October, during the tour she felt that the pain was disappeared, as a miracle. She continued the tour with renewed enthusiasm and without that troublesome problem. On the gutter press, they talked about anorexia... Céline denied more than once with energy, but then she left that the rumors took their course. 
The sabbatical year she wanted to take from 1/1/1997 was just a memory!

Asia was awaiting her.... after the Latin-American-Iberian market for which she has recorded the Spanish version of "All by myself", "Sola otra vez", and for which she has made a duet with Paul Anka with "Mejor decir adios", Japan was calling her with insistence.
1997 hs been a year rich of awards and participations: she won 2 Grammy Awards, 4 Juno Awards, 3 World Music Awards, 4 Felix Awards. She was the most requested guest a TV and radio shows, songs writers competed so that Céline sand their songs, both for pleasure to hear their works performed by a talent as Céline and for the greater possibilities of gains. 

Céline goes straight ahead and takes part in the ceremony of Oscar, where she sings two songs: "Because you loved", and the song of Barbra Streisand and B. Adams, "I finally found someone", replacing Natalie Cole 24 hours before the event, who should have replaced Barbra Streisand in her turn. For the first time in the history of Oscar award, an artist sings twice in the same day. Mrs. Streisand remains amazed by the naturalness of Céline's voice and to thank her, she sends her a bouquet of flowers and a card, inviting her to sing with her in the future.

Let's talk about love René didn't miss the opportunity and among the 16 songs of Let's talk about love , released on 14th November, there is also "Tell him", duet with Streisand and Céline. The album is full of very important artists: Sir George Martin, once called the "Fifth Beatle", producer of the song "The Reason", written by the mythical Carole King, in the past author of great hits as "Like a natural Woman" and "You've got a friend"; the Gibbs brothers, alias The Bee Gees who have written "Immortality"; Luciano Pavarotti, who sings "I hate you then I love you" with Céline, produced by Tony Renis. And then Brian Adams with J. J. Goldman with the song "Let's talk about love", Corey Hart with "Where is the love" and many more artists, among them Diana King, David Foster, Walter Afanasieff. A different matter is "My heart will go", that's a song absolutely wanted by its authors, J. Horner and W. Jennings, which is a part of the soundtrack "Titanic" and that then became a huge hit.

Immediately, the disc invaded and dominated the market! At the half of December, it had sold more than 10 millions copies all over the word and it was at the top of almost every chart. The previous records set by the prolific "Falling into you" have been broken.
For the Japanese market, Céline recorded "Be the man" in Japanese and she set another record with "To love you more", with more than 1.000.000 copies.

Oscar of 1998 At the beginning of 1998, while she was receiving consents, awards and ovations ("My heart will go on" won a lot of prizes, among them: American Music Awards, Golden Globe and Oscar), she prepared to record the second French album with J. J. Goldman.
Meanwhile, she sang live with Luciano Pavarotti, Aretha Franklin, Carol King and other artists in several benefit galas.
At home, she received the Order of Canada, on 30th April, and the Order of Québec on 1st May. The stae of the Let's talk about love tour Her life was running so fast that she was not able neither to enjoy the success nor to rest; in July the rehearsals of the tour began, tour that began on 21st August in Boston and that took place in very big stadiums with a 200 square meters central stage, with a heart shape, build with a very advanced technology.

S'il suffisait d'aimer In September, S'il suffisait D'aimer , the second album written by J. J. Goldman for Céline, has been released. The album is consisting of 12 songs which traces in a more outlined way the traits of his personality and she sings the songs with the usual skill and with feeling as in the autobiographic one "On ne change pas" or in the aching "S'il suffisait d'aimer". Only two songs are not written by Goldman: the wonderful "Terre" and the evocative "Papillon", both written by Erick Benzi.

Authorized biography by Germain On 1st October, it's been released the first authorized biography written by Georges-Hébert Germain (622 pages), whose first edition sold more then 500.000 copies.

These are special time On 3rd November, another Xmas album has been released, These are the special times , consisting of 16 songs, among them some new ones, written by authors of great merit. Among them, there are the omnipresent Diane Warren with the song with the same title of the album, Brian Adams with "Another year has gone by", R. Kelly with "I'm your angel", Tony Renis, Carol Bayer Seger, David Foster and Alberto Testa for the duet with Andrea Bocelli, "The prayer". Other songs are the classic Xmas ones performed by Céline at her way, as "O holy night", "Happy Xmas", "Brahms' lullaby". Bold and well done is the approach with the classic repertory with "Ave Maria" and "Adeste Fidelis". in this album, Céline has experience of songs writing, with "Don't save it all for Christmas day".

At 1999 Oscar The tour went on, but Céline had to take part, once again, at the Oscar ceremony: she sang with Andrea Bocelli the song "The Prayer"; they didn't win, but the audience sided with them. Previously, they have sung together at the Grammy Awards ceremony, where Céline has won two prize with "My heart will go on".

During the press conference René said that Céline will retire from stage on 31st December 1999, after a grandiose farewell concert in Montréal; she needed to rest and they wanted a "petit Angélil" ("little Angélil") as Céline said, that's a baby.

But their serenity was at risk once again due to the sudden illness of René who has been admitted to hospital in Dallas on the day of the 31st Céline birthday, and he has been rushed operated for a cancer at the neck. He had to follow a series of radiotherapy and shock therapy. Céline deleted almost the rest of the tour to stay close to him, keeping only about ten shows in Europe.

Au coeur du stade Among them, there were the two triumphal concert at Stade de France in Paris on 19th and 20th June, in front of 95.000 persons each show. René saw those magical performances, thanks to the prodigies of technology and from them they recorded the cd Au coeur du stade , released on 28th August, and the videotape with the name title, released on 31st August.
Thanks to the treatment and to a lucky star, René set out again and we saw him in several TV shows at Céline side, and during these shows she said goodbye to the audience that had always supported her during her long career, before her retreat.

All the Way... A Decade Of Song The last release is, up to today, All the way....A decade of song : it's an album consisting of 16 songs, 6 of them new and other 10 chosen among thousands hits. There are several versions, depending on the market. Among the new songs there are "All the way", duet with Frank Sinatra, "Then you look at me", umpteenth product of the award-winning pair Jennings - Horner, "Live", written by Riccardo Cocciante and Luc Plamondon (song originally written in French, "Vivre", taken from the musical Notre-Dame de Paris). Also this album reached the top of the charts of sales and liking of the audience; Céline left "My heart will go on" with the catchy rhythm of "That's the way it is", the first single taken from "All the way".

During the concert on 31 December 1999 Time flies and it's the moment of the goodbye, on 31st December, in Montréal: Céline performs for more than three hours with an exceptional intensity, with her unique ability to transmit emotions.
She sings one after the other all her hits, receives applauses, celebrates the new year on the stage with René, her family and her audience.

The moment of the leave comes: dressing a Versace dress and clearly touched, she sings "Ce n'était qu'un reve". "... the last but the first as well. The song that permit all this... Thanks mum, thanks to everybody. I love you", she tells to her audience. And then she sings... sings, like when Mr. Angélil made her to sing in his office, like when millions times other people asked her to sing. She sings going up and don on the pentagram of notes like she did tens other times, always in a different and unique way. She reaches the final high note, but before she must get her breath back. Yes, because the emotion is clear, more than a breath it seems a sigh! Then the song end, audience applauses, she goes far and wide on the stage in the shape of heart, thanking with big bow. That heart represents the hearts of persons who are saying goodbye to her, hoping to see her soon, to feel once again that special emotions that only Céline can transmit.

The lights are going out, the magic ends and she takes a step backward, loyal to her promises, trying to enjoy the life, to live a her own life. Her name is now written in very large letters in the firmament of music and in the hearts of the persons who love her, admire her, of the persons who have found a little happiness and serenity through her voice and herself... her name is Céline! 

During Céline's hiatus, a compilation album, 'The Collector's Series...Volume One,' was released in October 2000. Among Céline's greatest hits and best-loved recordings, the album also includes "The Power of the Dream" which Céline performed at the opening ceremony of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games as well as a Spanish version of "All By Myself."

But the greatest joy for Céline and René came with the birth of their son René-Charles Angélil, born January 25, 2001 at 1:00 AM, weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz. He was baptized six months later on July 25, 2001, in Montreal's grand Notre-Dame Basilica.

A new peak in Céline's spectacular career was reached when she released her new album 'A New Day Has Come' in March 2002, which ended her two-year hiatus. The album entered number one in more than 17 countries, including Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom, and the United States within two weeks of its debut. It features new tracks that range from pure 21st century pop, "A New Day Has Come" to dramatic ballads "Have You Ever Been In Love" and "I Surrender," from breathtaking dance music "Sorry For Love" to a pair of pre-rock classics "At Last;" and "Nature Boy." Other highlights include "I'm Alive," "Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)," and "Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)." The release of the album was accompanied by a blitz of TV specials, appearances on talk shows and magazine interviews all over the world.

In March 2003, Céline began a three-year commitment to appear five nights a week at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, a 4000-seat arena designed for her show. A 90-minute event, A New Day... introduces a new form of entertainment, a fusion of song, performance art, theatrical innovation and state-of-the-art technology. The show was created by Dragone Productions, a team led by Franco Dragone, the creative spirit behind ten of the critically acclaimed productions by Cirque du Soleil.

On March 25, to coincide with the opening of A New Day..., Céline released 'One Heart,' a brand new album featuring an upbeat cover of Roy Orbison's classic "I Drove All Night" as its first single. The album also includes songs produced by Ric Wake, Anders Bagge, Kristian Lundin, Peer Astrom, Max Martin, Mark Taylor, Erick Benzi et Humberto Gatica. On October 14 of the same year, Celine released the much anticipated '1 fille & 4 types,' her first French album in five years. Artistic director Jean-Jacques Goldman, the power behind 'D'eux' (1995) and 'S'il suffisait d'aimer' (1998), had come up with an idea to surround her with three different writer-composers who have made their mark on the French music scene: Jacques Veneruso, Erick Benzi and master guitarist Gildas Arzel. The voice of one or other of these incomparable artists accompanies Céline's performance throughout the album, produced by Benzi and guided by Goldman from start to finish. '1 fille & 4 types' debuted as the top selling in Canada, France and Switzerland in its first week of release. The first single, "Tout l'or des hommes" also made radio history by establishing the record for becoming the highest charting Francophone single on the National CHR Audience chart in the BDS era in Canada.

In the following year on June 15, 2004, Celine released her wildly anticipated live CD, 'A New Day...Live in Las Vegas.' This album featured two previously unreleased studio tracks, "You And I" and "Ain't Gonna Look The Other Way" and 13 live tracks from Celine's incredibly successful Las Vegas show, A New Day... Fans cherish the live album as it gives them the opportunity to re-live the energy from A New Day... over and over again.

Celine teamed up with famed baby photographer Anne Geddes for one of the most incredible artistic collaborations of all time…the Miracle project. ‘Miracle’ was released in October 2004. Celine and Anne worked together for many months to produce a stunning collection of images and powerful songs celebrating the bond of love between mother and child. The body of work touched the hearts of people throughout the world. The Miracle CD includes the all-new title track plus 12 other new and time-honoured classics such as “Beautiful Boy” and “What A Wonderful World”. The Miracle CD/DVD box set includes a 60-page version of the Miracle book and a “making-of-the-CD” DVD. The 180-page Miracle book, which includes the CD and “making-of-the-book” DVD reached the New York Times Best-Seller List.

Celine’s first French language 'Best Of' album 'On ne change pas,' was released in October 2005. This beautiful 2-disc compilation features Celine’s biggest French hits as well as three new songs including "Je ne vous oublie pas," "Tous les secrets" and "I Believe In You" (a duet with Il Divo). ‘On ne change pas, the DVD’ is a collection of Celine’s greatest French video-clips and also includes one hour of bonus material.

October 2005 also marked the release of a truly unique book project encompassing Celine's life in words and pictures. 'Celine Dion: For Keeps' is an intimate look into Celine's personal and professional life from her childhood days though to her spectacular show in Vegas. Author Jenna Glatzer spoke with Celine, her family, close friends and associates during the course of a year to come up with a detailed and accurate story of her life. The result is a treasury for Celine's fans: a book which documents Celine's life and times, featuring rare photographs and removable mementos from Celine’s personal collection.

In 2006 she celebrated 25 years as a hit recording artist. 2007 was an incredible year for Celine, in May it came out the album in french D'Elles and an album in English Taking Chances come out in October. In November her management announced the World Tour Scheduling and in December Celine wrapped her four-and-a-half-year residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, which grossed a staggering USD$385 million, drawing nearly 3 million people to 717 shows which grossed nearly USD$400 million in ticket sales. Her show rewrote the rules regarding headliner entertainment in Sin City. "We definitely took a chance on something that 99% of the industry said we would fail on," Concerts West co-president John Meglen said. "But the real truth of the matter is we proved something that works in that marketplace, that an artist can sit down in Las Vegas and allow the audience to travel to them instead of the artist traveling to each city."

click here Celine marked history once again as the only music DVD to be certified Triple Diamond status in Canada, over 300,000 units. Celine Dion - A New Day: Live In Las Vegas held the number ONE position on the Music Video Chart since its release. Its debut captured the biggest sales week debut in Nielsen SoundScan history for a DVD only release. Triple Diamond is an astounding achievement considering that only 5 other DVD releases (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Live Aid, and Live 8) have ever reached Double-Diamond (200,000 units) in Canada.

Celine Dion - A New Day Live in Las Vegas is a deluxe five hour double-DVD set, commemorating Celine's historic five-year record-breaking, sold-out run of her Las Vegas concert extravaganza. This latest achievement follows the No. 1 debut of Céline's 4X Platinum CD Taking Chances which achieved the top position on both the Nielsen SoundScan Top 200 and Digital Album Charts in its debut week. 2007 also saw her French-language album, D'elles, debut at No. 1, garnering Céline the two highest sales entries in Canada (for two different albums) so far this year - an unprecedented achievement in Canadian SoundScan history. The release of Celine Dion - A New Day: Live In Las Vegas on Blu-ray, which arrived in stores this February, marks the first-ever from a Quebec artist to be released on this format.

Still in December Jim Gibbons, Nevada's Governor, consecrated Dion with the newly created Nevada Entertainer of the New Millennium Award. The award recognized Dion for "entertaining millions and changing the lives of all Nevadans through her commitment to philanthropic giving." Nevada first lady Dawn Gibbons gifted Dion with a Nevada-mined turquoise necklace.

With each new release, Céline has managed to top her previous successes and, along the way, has become one of the brightest stars in the world of popular music. Who would have imagined that Quebec's best-kept secret could have conquered the world the way she has? Looking back now, we should have known it all along.

Celine Dion begins her world concert tour February 14, 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa


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