A cura di Federica, Shara, Emanuele, Enzo, Sara M.

Tutte le canzoni dell'album D'Eux (A cura di Federica)
> Pour que tu m'aimes encore
> Le ballet
> Regarde-Moi
> Je sais pas
> La Memoire D'Abraham
> Cherche encore
> Destin
> Les derniers seront les premiers
> J'irai ou tu iras
> J'attendais
> Priere paienne
> Vole
Da vari album
> Another year has gone by
> Live
> Pour que tu m'aimes encore
> Les dernièrs seront les premiérs
> If walls could talk
> Be the man (versione giapponese)
> That's the way it is
> Amar haciendo el amor
> Just a little bit of love
> The reason
> All by myself
> Pour que tu m'aimes encore
> Because you loved me
> Falling into you
> If that's what it takes
> I'm your angel
> Just a little bit of love
> Let's talk about love
> Love can move mountains
> Love doesn't ask why
> My heart will go on
> Only one road
> Tell him
> The colour of my love
> The power of love
> Think twice
> When i need you
> Where is the love
> Call the man
> I love you
> To love you more
> I'm alive
> Ten days
> Have you ever been in love